Those That Do, Should Not Teach…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend? This guy here is on vaca for at least this week and enjoying every moment of it. I’ve gone swimming 3 day in a roll and been rather productive in the creating aspect of my life. Which nowadays is a lot of Plotagraphs, Photoshops, Cinemagraphs, Podcasts, Blogs…I think I want to try to paint something. I’ve never been a fan of oil painting but then again I’ve never done it outside of school but something lately just keeps telling me I should try to paint something. What? I don’t know..but something. I think I just have this pent-up energy to make something with my hands lately. I need some type of physical art expression to take up some of my time. I also have this old-looking chest that I bought at a garage sale because I have a strange attraction to old-looking chest and it reminded me of the chest that Gizmo the Mogwai in Gremlins came in that I wanted to try to make some Gremlin arms coming out of it. I know, I’m weird. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

I think there is this misconception amongst bosses/managers in every industry to be honest that your employees also make good trainers for positions in your company and I just want to tell you that this is an absolute bullshit assumption. Someone should not just be given the responsibility of being someones “Trainer” or “Teacher” because they’ve done the job. There are reasons that there are jobs for teachers and trainers. Just because someone has done a job for years on end does not mean that they are able to train someone else how to do that job. The reason I’m bringing this up is because in my line of work I very often watch people who should not be teaching a fucking thing try to pass on their stupid to others because they are “training” them supposedly. A particular troublesome dynamic that I can speak about personally is the one held between the A.D (Assistant Director) and the DGA Trainee or PA.

DGA Trainees and most PA’s eventually become A.D’s so essentially the (A.D’s) are in charge of training them. There is multiple problems with this, too many to mention or possibly dissect in one post here but we need to start somewhere so let me write about the Trainee/A.D relationship. I’ve worked and seen many A.D’s try and teach terrible lessons and habits to Trainees. Which is tough in a Trainees position because as a PA if you think what your being taught is shit you just don’t pay it any mind and keep trucking. However the Trainee is in a tougher spot because even if what the A.D is trying to teach them is complete garbage they need to at least make that A.D think that they are going along with it because that A.D will eventually have to evaluate that Trainee and they don’t want to make the A.D think that they are not listening. One would think “Well why doesn’t the Trainee just explain to the A.D that what they’re saying is incorrect?” but that’s highly unlikely. Don’t be offended if you’re an A.D because I’m not speaking about all of them obviously. I don’t know every single Assistant Director out there. However I find that almost always have this smug attitude towards the Trainee. I know that they see themselves as these people’s teachers..mentors…keepers..or whatever the Fuck they think and much like a Parent and their Child, the parent is NEVER wrong. The problem with this way of thinking is that EVERYONE is wrong from time to time. Parents at times are wrong and are reluctant to admit it out of some odd…pride…I don’t know what causes them to do this but all I know is that I see the A.D/Trainee dynamic just like a Parent/Child relationship. The A.D is never wrong because they are the Teacher/Parent and the Trainee is the Student/Child. It’s really a fucked up situation to be honest and something that I feel is a problem simply because stupid does spread.

I mean people have been acting this way for years and bosses are always going to rather train new staff with employees that they are already employing instead of hiring a qualified trainer or teacher whose job it is to teach because they, like many are cheap. Which is a problem but alright I get it. I don’t agree with it or understand picking your greed over properly preparing someone who will work for you one day but that’s besides the point. Then why not at the very least have the person that you chose to train others have to go to some type of class before they train anyone. Or if that is too my much maybe have some type of training manual that they can follow. I just don’t think people should be handed the responsibility of training someone else without having some type of training themselves in training or someone observing their training to make sure that they are teaching the other person correctly.

Alright I think I’ve gone on about this long enough. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Have an excellent rest of your week and make sure to stop by again next week or check out one of my podcasts that I post every Monday. I just recently posted Episode 75 that you can check out here at We’re Not Rolling, on iTunes or Soundcloud. Just look up The Toke Talking Podcast. You can also just google The Toke Talking Podcast and you’ll get all these listening sources. I use to do a Friday post and I may start doing them again now that I have time off but I’m not making any promises. I want to…it’s just all about timing. Take care everyone!


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