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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 72

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 71

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 70

Hey! Episode 70 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! This week I go on about the hours we work in the film industry, people discussing shit in the comments section of social media, Saint Paddys Day and a whole bunch of other stuff that popped in my head. I was a bit delirious as I did this show because I’ve been up for 19 hours so come listen to the madness and have a laugh.


Trainee Pledges…

Happy Muthafuckin’ FRI-DAY!! I hope you had a great week at life and at work but mostly life. Life should always come before work I always say. I know it sounds tough because need money to live that life but it’s really more of a way of thinking. I feel that most people put their job above everything else mentally and I think that kind of fucks with your priorities in life. If you take a shot for every time I just wrote “life” you’re probably drunk. ANYHOW, film folk you’ll be happy to know that today will not be a “Fuck It Friday” post. I will indeed be talking about a film industry related topic. So if that’s what you were hoping for today, you’re in luck! Alright let’s get into this shall we?

DGA Trainees. Let me explain to anyone out there not in the business. DGA Trainees are people in training to join the DGA. The DGA stands for the Directors Guild of America. Now I know that may sound like they going to be Directors as this is also the Union that Directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are a part of however, DGA Trainees are training to be Assistant Directors. I won’t go into detail of what exactly an Assistant Director does because there are millions of places to look that type of shit up but let’s just say, it’s not really “Directing” as we all think about it when we hear the word. There are 2 ways to get into the DGA. There’s the long way that requires you to work 600 days as a P.A and then put together these gigantic binders of proof that you worked those days. Why can’t we do this in some type of online form already? I mean it’s 2018 and here we are claiming to be green and killing trees to make binders of paper. Then you need to send it off to New York because even though there’s an office here they…I don’t know to be honest. I have no idea why they just cant accept them here where one would assume most people would want to. Or there’s the Training Program route that is about half the time I believe.

The reason I’m writing this post is that because I think that at times A.D’s (Assistant Directors) treat the trainees like pledges in a fraternity or sorority. That is the type of vibe I get from this A.D to Trainee dynamic at times and I just had to talk about it. I use to work a lot of non-union shows and the way some of those NU (Non Union) A.D’s treat the P.A’s is how the Union A.D’s treat the Trainees. It’s really a bizarre relationship at times. I’ve also worked with A.D’s that had this way of thinking that because they had a tough and shitty time as a Trainee that others should be dealt the same treatment as a way to “Toughen up”. I’ve heard stories of Trainees being verbally abused by being called names or being made to feel inferior to their superiors. I feel at times A.D’s will make the trainees do pointless tasks like pledges do when they’re trying to get into the fraternity/sorority. It can’t just be me that notices this. I think if you asked most they would see the similarities. I’m not saying this happens on every show either. There is definitely a ton of A.D’s out there that do fantastic jobs training these people and do try to give them a better experience than they had prior but I just don’t understand why all of them aren’t like this. I mean I do, it’s because some people just suck. But just from a trying to be a good person stand point, if you had a bad experience doing something because those in charge made it tough for you why would you want to replicate that experience for someone else? Why would you purposely make it as tough for them as it was for you instead of the opposite?

I wanted to write about this because quite honestly I don’t think anyone has. I mean as a Trainee I’m not even certain what ramifications they would face if they had a blog like this and the DGA found out because at times Trainees seem so terrified of their Teachers and the DGA gods that you would think it was some type of cult. Look, I understand being proud of whatever group you are a part of but when that title starts making you an asshole towards people not in your group then it’s a problem. Sadly it’s one of the problems with most types of organized groups. Besides the ego boost it gives some folks that are handed a title there’s also the few that think they are also supposed to also change themselves as to fit some type of persona that the position is known for. In this case A.D’s (Assistant Directors) are generally known for being a no joke by the book perfectionist. I’m being nice with that description as I’m sure many crew members have much more colorful words to describe the position. I often refer to them (A.D’s) as the parents on a film crew. I’m not talking shit about any of these fine people because as the ones in charge of everyone’s safety on set they do need to have some sort of leadership quality and can’t be messing around like most people do on set. Anytime a set gets rowdy, it’s up to the A.D’s and the Production staff to regain control. So one can understand how others may see A.D’s as assholes. The problem is many don’t have this leadership quality or lack social skills and instead of coming off as a leader they just seem like pushy assholes. They’re request to get stuff done sounds more like commands and that immediately would irritate most people. No one likes to feel like they are beneath anyone else and I feel at times Trainees get this type of treatment from the people training them. I know I would definitely say something to A.D’s if I was a Trainee and they made me feel this way because well…I honestly don’t give a shit about titles. Especially when I know that person is using that title as leverage against me. I would quit the training program before I’m disrespected by my bosses just like I would in my position as a P.A now if I was done the same. There is no place at work for disrespecting people and that is something that I will always believe in and stand for.

Oooo I got all proud there at the end with my “believe in and stand for” comment. My apologies if this post didn’t really make you laugh much. I try to keep it funny and light most times but as you know at times these fingers get going as my mind rambles and I just go with it. I try to capture as many of my real and genuine thoughts as I can and then I go back and try to make it all make sense. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I appreciate you all and I hope you have a fantastic Saint Patty’s Day weekend!! Yes it’s tomorrow in case you forget so go get all your green gear ready.



Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? How was your weekend? I had a rather uneventful one myself. It rained almost all weekend and that was reason enough for me to stay dry and indoors. I did go out for a few hours on Sat to help a friend with a photo shoot for a clothing line he’s releasing but other than that I spent a lot of quality time with my dog, my cat, my bed and my couch…I might’ve also visited the fridge a couple times…alright maybe a lot of times. Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?!

Today I want to talk about people who step on other people’s transmissions because it’s seriously Fucking annoying and honestly I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s ok. If you don’t work in the business when we are talking on the radio and someone tries to simultaneously say something we call it “Stepage”. It’s easily one of my biggest pet peeves in the industry because it’s totally avoidable. When someone is talking on the radio and you immediately go for your mic to talk or to answer that question you know damn well that you are going to step on them. Not only that but you do know that the first couple of words you say are total shit right? Why do you do this knowing the nuisance it is to everyone listening. It just causes so many other problems. For example if someone is asking you a yes or no question and you respond to them with a one word answer while they are finishing their sentence they may never hear it. Which means that once they are done speaking now they are going to have to ask you to please repeat what you said because your answer was not clear. Then this constant repeating at times will agitate the person stepping on people to give them answers and will begin a cycle of walkie transmission problems because you simply don’t understand that you have to let someone finish talking before hitting your button. I don’t give a flying Fuck who it is doing the stepping..1st AD, Producer…they need to calm the Fuck down and let people finish their transmission before they speak or they’re going to have a bad time. Willingly stepping on someone who is talking is the equivalent of yelling barely comprehensible jargon over someone that’s already speaking. I understand that at times you may have something that is of more urgency than what is being said but you must know by now that you will probably need to repeat yourself and if you know that then why do it? I just really don’t understand how a person can hear someone talking and then pretty much say “Fuck what you’re saying, listen to me!” And press their walkie button and start talking. One of my favorite “Fuck what you’re saying” moments is when the person speaking is giving out helpful information that requires more than a standard 5 words or less rule for transmissions and then someone chimes in with another transmission that is just as long and we all just have to sit there and listen to a bunch of radio white noise mixed in with some comprehensible words and then have to try to decider what was said. It’s really a simple rule to follow. If you hear someone talking on the radio show the respect we should all show each other and let them finish. The funny thing about the stoppage though is that the only 2 people who don’t hear the white noise are the 2 people arguing. It’s only annoying to everyone else.

Personally I don’t even understand why stepage is still a thing. I would’ve thought with all the advancements in tech that our equipment has gone through that someone would’ve already made a walkie in which one can’t transmit if someone else is speaking. I hope someone who makes these blasted things is reading this and gets going on this being a reality. I mean how hard would that be to make? It seriously makes me insane and I listen to people do it ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve mentioned it before that I feel everyone should carry 2 walkies for a week or so just so they can really get an idea of what they sound like and their walkie etiquette. I think when you listen to yourself for a few days you get a better understanding of how to properly use a radio. See what happens is that people think they automatically have good walkie skills because they’ve “Been doing it forever”. Let me tell you right now that someone can do something everyday of their life and still do it wrong. Just because you do something for a set amount of time doesn’t mean you’re good at it. Look at bad drivers. We all have that one friend that is a terrible driver and have been driving all their lives. Some people just suck at stuff but it’s their responsibility to acknowledge that and try to make it better. Ok, I’m done! HA!

That’s it, that’s all I got for today’s post. I know it was a bit shorter than usual but the rants usually tend to be a bit shorter as I can only go off on something for so many words before it’s a boring read. This is something that just recently happen on a few shows I had been working on and I just had to write about it. I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure to stop by on Friday for an all NEW post.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 69

Happy Monday!! I know it’s late but the NEW Episode is up NOW! This week I go on about how people make juice, the movie Coco, listening to kids and a whole lot more. Come have a laugh!


Do You See The Lines…

Happy Saturday everyone! I tried to post this yesterday when I got home and knocked out about 10PM. I hope you’ve had a spectacular week so far. We had 7AM call times all week and that always makes me happy. Although it does make me extremely tired at times by the end of the week as that theory was proved yet again last night when I fell asleep on the couch, 15 minutes after sitting on it. I know most people hate waking up in the morning but I’m actually a fan of waking up early. Particularly when I’m working because the earlier one starts the earlier they’ll be out. If we start at 7AM then there’s a good chance that we will be out by 7-8PM. I know to the normal world that works 8-9 hours that sounds like insanity and I’m here to tell you as I do so often, IT IS! It’s total insanity but our dumb business just continues to make it the norm. However, today I’m not here to go on about the industry. As I mentioned on Tuesday I’m going to start writing about some other topics. This is not a totally new feature here on the site as I’ve written quite a few “Fuck It Friday” posts but I’m going to be doing it more often. So let’s get into this shall we?

Today I want to talk about the shit parking that some people are doing out there. Yes, it’s gotten so bad lately that I had to write an entire post about this just hoping that some of you nitwits will read it and work on your fucked up parking skills. The reason this upsets me so much is because I made a conscious decision one day to never park on or over the line a few years ago. Since I made that tiny change in my life I have parked and stepped out of my car on multiple times only to notice I was on or over the line and then got back in my car and corrected the problem. Why would I do this? Why do I care so much? Because honestly this is such a simple rule to follow and other than being a complete asshole that just doesn’t care about taking 2 spots and making some stranger curse your existence (I’ve said some crazy shit) as they try to squeeze out their driver side door there is no reason in the world to park like this. If I can correct my bad parking when I do it then so can everyone else. If we all did it then the world would just be that much better. I’m not saying that parking within the lines is going to bring world peace but it is a step forward in just acting like a decent human being. Which I’m sad to say doesn’t seem to be a priority in many people’s lives. People would rather be assholes or idiots. I mean and it’s not surprising we are in a time where assholes and idiots are defending themselves by showing pride in these flaws. We can all be assholes and idiots but the point is not to be.

I will say though that there is definitely some idiots out there that just CAN’T park. I call them idiots because this is a correctable problem as I said before. Practice makes perfect. However the problem is that some people will say shit like, “I’m terrible at parking” every time they park and so they don’t work on it anymore. I think saying shit like that kind of makes your brain give up. You just accept that you don’t know how to park and so give up learning. Which is terrible because that just makes you lazy and it’s only a matter of time before your mind starts giving up on a bunch of other crap. You’ll find yourself saying “I’m terrible at this…I can’t do that…I never learned how to do this…”. Learning is a constant part of life. A person should NEVER stop learning. Alright back to the parking…sorry the Mary took me into a slight ramble there.I remember driving through a parking lot once where one person had parked over the line and at an angle even though it was straight head in parking and all the cars parked next to him continued to park just like him instead of parking the right way. Idiots. It’s a very basic skill folks and it only takes repetition to perfect it.

Now besides the idiots that don’t understand the logistics of parking because they refuse to learn them and the assholes that just don’t care, I do know there’s some people out there…we’ll call them dim wits that do this purposely because they have a fancy car that they don’t want someone to Fuck up their paint job but I’m just going to let you know that all that does is make your car a target for people who are assholes. I don’t do this anymore but in my younger more asshole-ly years I use to park in those extremely close parking spots that people like this would create as a result of their parking and then would fling open my door with no regard for that car. I may have caused many little dings to many nitwits cars out there and at the time it made sense in my asshole thinking. I figured I was teaching this person a lesson. In my insane teenage mind I thought since I dinged this persons car next time they’ll take sometime to park right. I don’t act like this anymore because I’m no longer a child but I just wanted to share that because even though I’m not out there doing this anymore there will always be some kids growing up to be assholes and they may spot your car.


I would also like to point out that prior to the small Jetta I drive now which is much easier to get into spots I drove an Explorer for years and still managed to park between the lines. So I don’t want to hear this bullshit excuse that the your car is too big. However I do understand at times that some parking spots are too tight for their car. There’s certainly a couple of parking lots I’ve been in which one would think they were built exclusively for mini coop but those are far and few in between. I would say I see more SUV type cars than I see smaller vehicles so I know all the parking lots aren’t to blame. I know this sounds like some dumb trivial shit to bitch about but I just need to vent about this and this is my outlet. Plus I thought it would be funny which is always my number one priority on here. Seriously though, I literally lose my shit internally every time I see someone that’s parked on or over the line. All it takes is 30 seconds to get back in that car and correct the problem. If you don’t have 30 seconds to fix a problem then you may have some serious time managing problems that need addressing as well. I’m just trying to get us all on the same page here. Together we can achieve great stuff but when we choose to act like an ass and do stuff like this we achieve nothing.

Thanks for reading another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday with an all NEW post.


Army Of One…

Happy Tuesday and Happy Muthafuckin Anniversary to We’re Not Rolling!! So…me basically because I am the only one that runs this website. Two years I’ve been writing this crazy thing. I know this year has been a bit slow. I have been seriously lacking in the blogging this year but I promise to do better. I slowed down towards the end of the year and for whatever reason I just haven’t been able to time it out well. I definitely had some later than normal days last week and when I got home I had no time to write but that never stopped me before. I use to write these things at work on my phone before I had a computer and now I’ve become so accustomed to sitting down in front of the screen for and hour or two and writing at my leisure that I forgot my roots. It’s also at times been a battle with when I get ideas I don’t have time to write and forget to jot down what I want to talk about and when I have time I just haven’t felt like writing. I talk about so much shit on my podcast now that at times I feel I’m being repetitious. I know it really doesn’t matter if I am because they are 2 different platforms and only someone who listened and read all the madness I put out would even notice but still it bothers me to an extent. The Blog has been around longer and there’s way more posts than I have Podcast episodes so I do constantly struggle with the thought of repeating the same shit over and over. When this year began I had this idea to broaden the topics I discuss on here. I had already been doing that on Fridays with my “Fuck It Friday” posts but I think that rule is now going to extend itself over to Tuesdays because quite honestly I love writing and ranting on here and after 2 years of going on about the film industry here at We’re Not Rolling I think I need to look for a wider range of topics because there’s more shit I want to talk about. So buckle up everyone and come along as I change it up around here. If this doesn’t sound like a good plan to you because you were hoping for a post about the industry don’t worry, I do have one today BUT I can’t promise that it will be like that next Tuesday. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Today I want to take sometime to thank all the one man army departments in this industry that I feel most times are very underestimated. These badass people are usually found in the Craft Service, Set Dec, Greens, Locations, Special FX and Production department. Personally I don’t feel any department should only have one person because as I’ve stated on here before, I feel the mind starts to go into cruise control right around the 10 hour mark and since we continue to allow 12 hours to be the norm in this industry that means that person is now putting themselves and those around him in danger for those 2 hours. Which we all know it usually is more like 13…14-15 if you include the commute. If there is 2 people in the department they can stagger their call times and one person will be well rested. So ultimately one can say that I feel there should always be at least 2 people in a department for safety concerns. However this is a greedy as Fuck business (as are most) and they will never see it that way. They just see another body soaking up money. Safety comes second to money in these cases. So instead these poor people at times are left with doing all types of crazy tasks alone.

The one I find the strangest is the On Set person because they are literally in charge of moving all the furniture on Set. Sure they are helped by other departments because that’s what normal people do, is help others. I mean I still don’t understand how someone can watch someone moving a couch or something heavy and not offer help or at least offer them the 30 seconds to notice it’s happening instead of standing in front of it, which happens ALL. THE. TIME. I just don’t get it. Why is someone whose job it is to not only move the furniture but also move around the entire set to accommodate the crew all alone? I want to know when in the history of cinema this was decided. I mean the grips at minimum have 3-4 people. It’s usually more like 5-6 of them. How did the Set Dec department settle on a one man crew. It just makes such little sense to me. I mean a ton of shit in this business does not but this really is just nonsense. I don’t understand why the art department hasn’t made a fuss about this and demanded a second-hand.

Craft Services is the other pretty odd one out of the group I mentioned. This one is really crazy because the craft service person is in charge of keeping us all fed with his amazing snacks. There is much more to their job but this is what I always consider their job to be. It’s an important job because if you keep people fed they generally remain happy. On top of that the Craft Service person is also are in charge of all the waste those snacks make. A typical crew is about 60-70 people SO one person to clean up after that many people just sounds like torture. I haven’t been on many shows that only have one person in this department but I have been on enough which made me want to acknowledge in this post that it does happen. There’s some cheap ass people out there.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I appreciate every one of you out there that continues to read my material. I promise to get back to my regular routine and I look forward to bringing you all a new chapter in this crazy little world I created. Have a fantastic week and I’ll talk to you all on Friday.


No Brand Names…

Happy Tuesday!! I know I’ve been missing in the blogging action but honestly I just haven’t felt compelled to write about anything. The reason I started this thing was to explore some of the craziness in our industry and since I haven’t really been working all that much I think my momentum for writing has slowed down. However I’m trying to change that and get back to writing because I do miss it. I start a new gig tomorrow (Tuesday) so I’m sure I will in no time have some new fresh material to go on about. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Today as I was making breakfast I asked my roommate about the job he had worked on last night. He got home past midnight and I had already gone to bed so I was just curios what it was. I don’t typically bring up work unless the person I’m talking to does because 12 hours a day is enough time to dedicate to work so why talk about it as well. However anytime something takes all night to film something I want to know what it was so I can make my own assessment of whether all that time was actually needed or if it was just exaggerated. As I assumed he told me the show was a mess and went over schedule. It was a commercial for a well-known brand. What got me all worked up and in the mood to write this post was that he told me that they had everyone on the crew greek out and brand names they had on the clothes they were wearing because it would upset the client. Which for those of you not in the industry means that for example if your working on a Nike commercial they ask you to place tape on your reebok shirt. I know. Fucking stupid but it happens. Now as is normally the case with anything this ridiculous I immediately felt compelled to rant about because it’s a perfect example of some of the dumb shit this industry does and continues to do. We can all acknowledge that this is dumb childish behavior but continue to support it because….I don’t know. I wish I knew but I honestly just don’t understand.

If a person that is representing a brand name cannot stand the site of another brand name tag on the cloth someone else is wearing then that person probably shouldn’t have that job because if that is not irrationally unnatural behavior that needs professional help, I don’t know what is. This person should not have this job. They should be doing therapy for this issue of brand names burning their retinas. I did however tell my roommate that I don’t always buy into these dumb rules without questioning where they originated from. While I’m sure that some of these outlandish request we get at times like not looking a particular person in the eye or mentioning some of their past work may have come from the person themselves I have found that sometimes these stupid request come from some third-party. Like an over achieving manager, an assistant directly connected to the person or at times it can also come from another source with no direct connection to the person but that feels compelled to set up these dumb rules as a way to comfort the person. For example I’ve been on jobs wear the coordinator of the show will make up this stuff because they assume everyone is going to be bothering the person. Which is bullshit because everyone that works in this business knows how to act and how to be professional. They don’t need to be told lies like “This person doesn’t like for you to look them in the eye”. This too is a serious issue that should be treated. If a person cannot stand to be looked in the eyes then a film set probably should not be the field that they work in. I mean there’s literally people all over the place anywhere you go in your day-to-day life let alone on a stage where there’s about 60 of us all pied in there. I’d like to know how this person interacts in the real world. Do they hire someone to constantly walk in front of them and when a stranger in passing casts their gaze upon their master they immediately yell “DON’T LOOK AT THEIR EYES!!” I’m not saying this is not a thing because I definitely have heard and witnessed crazier things in this business but still we need to realize that this is not helpful to anyone and extremely irrational to ask of anyone. I just think we need to talk about this stuff in the open more and maybe that will help us see the error in our ways and pop off some sort of change.

Thanks for stopping by and to those that are returning after these last few dry weeks of writing a special thank you. I think I may have gotten my groove back and this post did feel great writing up so hopefully I can keep them coming. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll be back Friday with an all NEW post.