Lock It Up…

Happy Tuesday! Yes that’s right, Tuesday. I know things were a little crazy last week and due to some unforeseen circumstances I was forced to adjust the day I put out last weeks Tuesday post but all is back to normal…well as normal as can be. Continue reading “Lock It Up…”

To Watch or Not To Watch…

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing this week so far? I was off yesterday and today fortunately but I got some work coming up the next 2 days…or it may only be 1 day as I just noticed that one of the jobs never called me back yesterday. Continue reading “To Watch or Not To Watch…”

Do You Hear What I Hear? No…

Haaappy Friday, Haaaappy Friday! Make sure you sing those, that’s why there’s extra ‘A’s in there. Anyhow, how is everyone on this fine day ┬ábefore the weekend shenanigans and the fight of lifetime..our time…this month…I don’t know. I’ll be honest, I don’t give a shit. I can watch it on tv or I can see the highlights on YouTube. Continue reading “Do You Hear What I Hear? No…”

STOP, Don’t Speak…

Happy Friday!! It’s 3:30 in the morning and I just got home from work about an hour ago. We wrapped at 1:53. If you know me you probably would assume that I was hating all of earth but actually, it’s been so long that I honestly did not give a shit. I haven’t had a late shoot like that in a while and I just got back from Vacay. Continue reading “STOP, Don’t Speak…”

Can I Take Your Order…

I almost started off with Happy Friday, I was ready to start the weekend all over again. That just goes to show you where my heads at. I’m actually about to go on a mini vaca down to Miami for my Abuelas 90th Birthday. 90!! How amazing is that? Continue reading “Can I Take Your Order…”

Living The Dream…

Happy FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAY!!! We made it! Another small life repetitive triumph. You know every Friday that I write that on all my social media platforms “Happy Friday” “Cheers to Friday” some corny crap like that before I take a break from it all on the weekend, I think…”People that work on the weekend must really, REALLY hate that phrase. Continue reading “Living The Dream…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 37

Hello! I have a guest!! Be my guest! Be my guest! You know how the song goes. This week Leah Sargent joins the podcast to talk about her job at Marvel. We also ramble about a whole bunch of other topics and only touch on them lightly before moving on because that’s how I do things around here. You know there’s always a bunch of laughs, come check it out NOW!


Everyone Has One…

Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling everyone! How are you? If you live in L.A it’s been quite hot as of late. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really have to deal with it because I’ve been off. If I get too hot I just go jump in the pool for a little while and cool down. However I can’t imagine having to film in places like Santa Clarita right now….ACTUALLY…I have a very good impression of what it must be like because I have filmed out there around this time. Although with the planets constant cooking every year I can only imagine that in the next 10 years places like this will be unfilm-able (Is that a word?). I mean seriously, who the Fuck is going to go and film in 120-130 degree weather. That’s actually an interesting topic..I must make a note. Let’s get into this shall we?!

In today’s post I wanted to talk about geeking out over certain actors, athletes, performers basically anyone that’s in the spotlight. Now before I get into the people who I’ve geeked out over because yes I have lost my shit (Mentally) at times. I want to address all these coworkers that claim not to geek out over famous people. Look when I say “Geek out” I don’t mean that you can’t compose yourself and therefore drool every time that person is around. I believe…or at least want to believe that everyone in this world looks up to someone in this world. I don’t mean your parents either, I mean someone famous. So with that way of thinking I believe that everyone has someone who if they were to meet in person they would feel honored, nervous, happy, excited..you know…I think you would definitely remember that day and it would be special. That’s what I mean by “Geek out”.

I will say this though the longer one works in the business the more one starts thinking this way that no one could make them feel like that. I’m definitely guilty of this as the years go on but then I’ll work with someone of whom I’m a fan and I get that feeling in my gut all over again. It’s awesome! I will also say that when I first started out in the business I might’ve fooled myself into this feeling a few times. I remember thinking it was great to meet a certain person but then when I met the first person that I can say was my first real geek out moment I noticed the difference immediately. Now funny enough the first person that made me go “Ga-Ga” wasn’t someone who I worked with on set. I actually wasn’t in the business yet so the first time I met him it was at a screening of his film that was due a few months after that. This film was Serenity and the first person that made me lose my shit was Mr. Joss Whedon. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows me as he is one of my top 5 favorite directors. I’ve been a Joss fan since I first found his genius on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since that show I have followed his career so closely that it might’ve at one point seemed stalker-ish. Anyhow so we’re at the screening, it ends and he’s outside, just to corner talking to some people and shaking hands with everyone that knew he was there. I immediately got into the line I saw forming and knew instantly exactly what I was going to say. I remember being a bit nervous and I just kept watching the line get shorter and shorter as I got closer and closer to meeting one of my life long heroes. Finally it was my turn, I stepped up, I shook his hand smiling and said “I loved the movie, it made me want to do the dance of joy.”(If you’re a Buffy/Angel fan you’ll get this, if not don’t worry about it) He laughed at the reference and said “Thank you” AAAANNDD I fainted…No…I didn’t. I wish crazy shit like that would happen to me at times. That would be such a great story. I’m not someone who gets embarrassed so I would enjoy telling that tale all the muthafucking time.

Flash forward to a few years after this amazing memory and I get a phone call to come day play on a pilot for a New TV show. I think cool, yeah I’ll come out and play for the day. That night when I get my call sheet I look at the title and I don’t recognize the name of the show at all. So I turn it around to see who I’m working with and right there in the Director column I read Joss Whedon. I had just signed on to come work on Agents of Shield and as a way to keep the name secret it had an alternate show name. Crazy how the world works at times. When we first met it I was no where in the same realm as this man and now here we were about to be working on the same show. We had lunch within a table of each other! HA! I know it was only for a day but I will tell you this, to date I think it’s one of my best days on set. I was in heaven watching this master work. However the best and most amazing moment came later that day when Joss came over to me as he was walking by, looked me in the eye and said “I love that shirt, Joss.” I said “Thanks YOU’RE MY HERO MAN!!” No Hahahaha..I said “Thanks, my names Lou.” I wish I could say that we hit it off right there, became besties and have hung out on many occasions after that but he just carried on after that exchange. I know, you might be wondering what the shirt said and funny enough it’s one of my favorites. It’s a Back to the Future shirt that reads “I’m Your Density…”. Yes, I still have the shirt, I still wear it (I didn’t frame it…not yet anyway) and I’m always reminded of that day because of it. Thanks for the memory Joss AKA Numfar!! Hahaha! Like he would read my little ole blog. There’s always hope right?

I just had to add that in there. I love this scene so much. The best part, that’s actually Joss doing the dance. Also I apologize for the over use of the word “geek” in this post. HA!

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here at We’re Not Rolling. Please remember that I’m open to share YOUR stories on here as well. Just get in contact with me and we can make arrangements. It’s just for fun, just for a laugh and maybe you teach someone something, who knows? Have a great week, hopefully you’ll be back here on Friday for another entry and if you can’t wait till then please check my older post in the archives or if you’re tired of reading check out my podcast The Toke Talking Podcast, right here on the same site. Be good to one another.




The No Fun Department…


Happy Friday!! The weekend is finally here for all of you hard-working folks out there. Plus it’s 4th of July weekend! I’m sure some of you lucky folks out there probably have a nice 4 day weekend coming up. I’m off again so it’s back to vacation mode. I don’t have any plans for the 4th yet but I’m sure something will materialize. I keep going on about going camping but taking no action so maybe that is what I’ll do. However I’m sure allocating a spot with this short notice will be close to impossible. I really just want to go camp on the beach somewhere for the night. UHHH!! I don’t know..whatever let’s get into this shall we?

I often compare the production department to that of the parents on the set. They go around making sure everyone is behaving and being safe. When the crew starts to have fun and get a little out of hand, it is the production department whose duty it is to step in and stop the fun…control the kids if you will. The no fun department will go around and tell everyone to be quiet when they are loud and spend their time shouting instructions at everyone. The NFD…you know like the NFL…I’ll let you figure it out, always likes to be in control of everything going on and tend to get a little hurt when someone tries to take their reigns. You know, like parents with their kids when they are contested. This is by far my least favorite part about working in this department and honestly I don’t fit or practice the format. While I do enjoy controlling most parts of my life at work I don’t want that responsibility. I just want to get there, do my thing and get out. I don’t want to be the guy telling people who are working 14 hours a day and hardly see their families that they can’t have a laugh at crafty when someone cracks a joke because they are doing a marking rehearsal with 2nd team. I’m not saying I don’t do any of these things, I do, I just do them in my own way…not the “production department” way. Which I have no other way to explain other than being kind of douche baggy.

Yeah you know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about all those A.D’s and P.A’s that think if they were not in this business there would be no entertainment. The television would just be black with nothing to watch. I’m talking about the one’s that draw out color coded maps of BG crossings and then publicly ridicule them when they miss their cue so they can feel like the big man/woman on campus. I’m PRODUCTION! FEEL MY WRATH!! ROLLING!!!

If this were school the production department would be like the teachers while the rest of the crew would be the kids. I want to be with the kids! I don’t want to be the adult telling adults how to adult. If they can’t figure it out by now there is no hope. This is a perfect example of why there are sayings like ‘You can’t teach a old dog new tricks.’

A great exemplar of this acting as the adults while the rest of the crew gets to have fun is the picture-taking rules we get at times. I’ve been on multiple projects where the production department gets a briefing before we film where we’re told that as the production department we need to be professional and that absolutely no pictures will be allowed. Meanwhile the rest of the crew gets to geek out with whatever talent we are working with and take pictures that will make their memories of their time in this business unforgettable. Why? Why do we need to hold ourselves to different standards? I mean who do we think we are fooling? Whenever there is someone famous around everyone knows how fucking cool it feels. We all want to be around them. Look I’m not saying we should go geek out crazy and do a photo shoot with every single actor/actress we work with but I don’t think we should hold ourselves to different set of standards just because we want to seem all superior and shit. If the person we are working with specifically mentions that they don’t want to be bothered by pictures, fine. I get that and I think everyone should respect their wishes but if they don’t say anything why ruin our time in this business. I think most of us that work here are here because we love entertainment. The people in front of the camera may seem like they are in a totally different world but they are essentially our co-workers. We may not hang out on the weekends or meet up at the company picnic but for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week we work alongside one another.

I’ve actually brought this up to several thespians that I’ve worked with and all of them have said that they never mind doing anything for someone in the crew. I think what happens is that some of us assume that actresses and actors look at us like fans that are clawing at them as they try to get a coffee at starbucks and that’s far from the truth. Almost every person that I have worked with has been nothing but respectful of the crew and the process. I know it’s crazy to think about but these people can’t film themselves and we need people to film. We need one another. I will be honest, I’ve only had 2-3 instances where I was told not to take pictures and I did because I just could not pass up the chance at capturing the memory. I’m not an idiot, I’m not going to post it or share anything like this. These moments were not moments that I wanted to capture to share with others but just to share with my old self when I’m losing my mind in my old age. So in conclusion production department people, if you feel like you are a member of the NFD try to relax a little bit on the next show and enjoy yourself. It’s film making not surgery.

Thank you for reading another entry here at We’re Not Rolling everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend. I’m just saying this now if there’s no post on Tue I probably chose to celebrate instead of writing but I’m sure that a post will pop up on Wed. I think I’ll be alright, I might try to write it over the weekend by the pool since I haven’t written out there in a while. Be good to one another, talk to y’all next week!


Hardly a Nation…

Happy Tuesday!! How is everyone doing? If you read my post on Friday you know that I finally worked on Thur and Friday and I’m working today (Monday) and Tuesday so this was actually a weekend for me. Until this weekend I had been on a permanent weekend since March and I’m happy to say that I will be back on one come Wednesday. At least for 2 weeks then I’ll either day play again somewhere or continue waiting till my next full-time gig comes around in Aug. I really want to go to DisneyLand, I might just do that. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

P.A Nation, a term I’ve always disliked since the first time I heard it. I’ve never been a fan of it because well first we are hardly a “Nation” on set so it just sounds silly to me when I hear it said out loud. As most of you know I mostly work in the TV show world and we usually have 2-3 PAs, if they feel like splurging maybe 4 but that’s really rare. I mean everyone obviously knows that we are the big money makers on set and that’s why some producers put up a fuss at times for another day player. That was sarcasm in case you missed it there. I never understood the not “Okaying” of an extra P.A every time a A.D asks. On most shows we make less than the Background people, I mean do you really think you’re saving anything, just give them the extra hand.

SORRY..Let me hop back on the rails here. We’ll get back to the prior veer off topic in another segment because I do want to explore that further. So as I was saying most shows I work on have 2-3 PAs. As a matter of fact I did several shows where I was the ONLY PA. Yes you read that right, it was just little ole me. It was mostly a stage based show and we did hire 1 additional person when we went out but other than that it was just me. So anytime I hear the phrase “PA Nation” I always think…uhhh, not so much. I think 5-6 people in a department may qualify it as a Nation but even then I just dislike the term. Now before I go any further I will like to point out how ridiculous of a personal topic this is but we all have our little ticks that make us crazy and this is one of mine. Plus, it’s my blog and I blog about whatever I want to, whatever I want to. Yes I did mean that to go along with the melody and that’s why it needed to repeat there. If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry about it..march ahead!

Alright for those of you still with me let me continue…While I had always had a problem with this term before after working on 2 different commercial crews over the last few days I stand corrected. Both of these crews had 10 PLUS PAs on them. WHAT THE HELL?!? That’s craziness! However I also think I might’ve just smoked away the memory of commercials having this many PAs on them because I sure don’t remember there being so many when I was working on these. I can honestly say I remember 4 maybe 5 but holy shit everyone, there was literally a PA in every area on set at all times. You couldn’t throw a stick without hitting one…hahaha!! You know that your department is big when you’ve only heard someones voice all day on the radio and you don’t meet them till after lunch sometime. So in the commercial world I can see how the term does make sense and I think I might be ok with it as of now. Yes believe it of not I too can change to make this world a better place. HA!

I will say this through, I still can’t and won’t ever say it. I know I’m an idiot but it just still sounds weird to me when I say it. I feel like I’m summoning souls getting on the radio and yelling “PA Nation!” I might as well say “PA Nation ASSEMBLE!!” What are we the fucking Avengers? And all for what? To take down a tent, 10 chairs..some small insignificant shit that 1-2 people could’ve handled and now you have 7 people all wanting to lead. I don’t know what bugs me about it so much. I think I just always think of a nation as people who want to be somewhere together and I’ve found that when you do work in big groups like that you actually feel less like a group because there’s just so many and most don’t want to be there. Look I can’t help the small weird shit like this that bugs me, I’m human just like all of you. I know that all of you out there have something that just irks you for some strange reason that makes absolutely zero logical sense. If you don’t think you have any you just don’t know what it is yet. Go figure it out, it will make life a whole lot easier. Trust me. I’ve said it before this blog is also part therapy for. I’m able to write about ridiculousness like this and laugh at myself which is always good for anyone. You should try that too!!

Thanks for stopping by once again and reading another entry here at We’re Not Rolling everyone. If I haven’t said it lately, I appreciate each and every one of you. I’m not saying that because you come to read this blog every week either. I’m appreciative of you if this is your first time and last time reading too. Have a great week at work. If you haven’t checked out Episode 32 of The Toke Talking Podcast make sure you do. I finally had some film industry talk on there since I went back to work. However if podcasts aren’t you’re thing I will hopefully be back Friday with another fun-filled post. Be excellent to one another people!