The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 92

It’s Monday and Episode 92 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up and running. Come listen to me go on about enjoying life alone, Ghosting, the awesome game The Packers had against the Steelers and much more random madness. Have an excellent week and don’t be an asshole.


Peace Out FaceBook…

Happy FRIDAY! It’s been a while since I wrote on Friday but here I am.  I’ve been evaluating all the social media attached to my website and thought I should scale down a bit because it’s just too much. I shut down both the Twitter accounts because well..Twitter is terrible. I don’t understand why it’s so popular. It’s always been my least favorite. I’ll get into Facebook in a minute. I also have a few changes coming to the Podcast and the Blog.  Changes to my blog will include a broadening of the topics I discuss on here. I had already been doing this occasionally on Fridays but I hate restrictions. Why is Friday so fucking special? So from here on out or till I decide to change things again posts will not be exclusive to the film industry or to a certain day. I’ll let you know in the opening of every post whether it is or is not. This does not mean that I will write about the industry any less I just want the option to do both and felt I owed anyone who has followed and read my posts in the past an explanation for the change. There may also be some new menus on the website popping up soon. I have a couple of new ideas for the Podcast but nothing set in stone yet so I won’t get into that. Point is, you may notice some things changing in the coming weeks or months and I just want to say something so no one is like “Why is everything different?!!”  Alright let’s get into this shall we?

I mentioned above that I did some reassessment of all the social media platforms I use to post my daily online content and decided that I’m done with FaceBook. I mean at least for the time being. I’m still going to keep my profile. I’m not going to attempt to delete the entire year that I existed there but as far as posting anything or looking at other people s post, I think I’m done. I shut down all the pages linked to the Blog and the Podcast. In the last few weeks I’ve been going on there less and less and I’ve realized that I really don’t enjoy it. I’ve had my problems with FB after the first week I used it. Particularly, I’m not a fan of how Facebook lets everyone post anything they want. You can post pictures, videos, links, there’s advertising, peoples poetry, peoples art, News, Fakenews. I know this sounds odd to say but I just find FB to be a little too free. There should be some limits on what people can post. I feel that letting anyone post anything they want leads to an ocean of random shit that I find tiresome to swim through daily. One second you’re watching a funny video or reading a touching post from a family member or friend and the next your reading about a shooting or watching some political propaganda video. Scrolling through the Facebook feed can be a roller coaster of emotions. You laugh, you feel rage, you’re happy, you’re confused…everything. If you scroll through your FB feed you will most likely go through every feeling on the emotion wheel. It makes it hard to focus on what anyone is really trying to say on there. I occasionally see people put up this post about Suicide Prevention and asking everyone to share so that others know that we are listening but are we? In a sea of all the shit you see on your feed are we going to see that person that really needs help when they are hiding behind photos of them smiling and having a good time. Peoples Facebook lives are fucking awesome. You see them post photos of themselves with their significant others with captions like “We were made for each other” and then when you hang out with them all they do is argue. Everyone displays their best selves on social media.  Most the people who I’m friends with on FaceBook don’t allow any of their posts to be shared. Doesn’t that make this social platform in which we’re suppose to “Share” stuff on then useless in one of its benefits? I find this especially odd because most of what everyone does on FB is share other peoples shit but then they post a cool poem or some motivating story and I can’t share it. I need to contact them and ask them to switch it to sharing. If you don’t want something shared then why put it online?

The sharing of news articles/videos, food recipes, inspiring quotes, political and religious propaganda, vacation spots, TMZ videos, music videos, YouTube clips make me fucking insane and I’ll be honest I don’t watch any of them. I love looking at photos and videos of that person who I’m friends with. I love reading stories that they tell from time to time but anything that they link to from another source is seriously a waste of scrolling in my opinion. I like to look at all the stuff that is personal to the person who I’m “friends” with. I don’t want to come to your page to get the fucking news. I go to the news to get the news not to someones personal FB page. I don’t even understand what makes people do this? I’m puzzled by the thought process that I assume happens in this persons head before they decide they need everyone to know this now. Before FB existed I had no idea so many of my family and friends wanted to be journalist. I had no idea so many people in my life had this drive to educate everyone around them with information that they see fit by shoving it in everyones face when they look at your page. Stop sharing all this crap, no one gives a shit…at least I know I don’t. Any educated person goes to the news to look up news not someones FB page. If you feel you read something and want to share it with someone in particular then send to just that one person but why you think the 200-300 people you are “friends” with need or want to know the recipe to Oreo Pie is beyond me. All I’m saying is before you click that share button maybe you should ask yourself “Does anyone really give a shit about this?”

Another strange trend that I see on FB that drives me up the wall is people “liking” ads. I’m not sure if these people actually “Liked” this ad or if FB just chooses to tell me they did by displaying that annoying header above the ad that reads “So and So liked The Home Depot” but either way, it bugs me…A LOT! Especially when its random shit like “Burger King”. I mean really? You like Burger King that much that you are going to waste the split second to click “like” on an ad that pops up on your feed? Why? What do you think that’s going to do? Do you think you’re going to get a free whopper or something? All it’s going to do is add you into a database with all the other idiots that clicked “like” on the ad so they can send you and all of your friends and family more Burger King ads. I just don’t get it. I click hide and I don’t want to see this ad on EVERY SINGLE AD. I don’t care if I use it, like it, worked on it…I don’t want to see ads on my social media. I get enough of that shit on TV. I know ads will never stop but know that if you ever clicked that little fucking thumbs up button on an ad that you are part of the problem of why we will continue to see ads pop up and annoy us on social media because you just cant control the urge to click “like” on the new Tesla ad or the new Baconnator at Wendys.

I doubt this is the last time I will go on about FB and I’m not sure that my new stance on the social media platform will be permanent but for now I will not be on FB in case this is how anyone tries to reach me on there. My Instagram accounts are all that I have running as of right now. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and make sure to stop by next week for an all NEW episode of The Toke Talking Podcast and some NEW blog posts.




The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 83

It’s a day late but don’t you worry because Episode 83 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! Come listen to me go on about exercising (Yeah I know right? Me…talking about exercising), people who claim to hate water, my weekend adventures, I give you a short Incredibles 2 review and much more random madness to entertain you. Have an excellent week and if you life the show don’t forget to subscribe.



Happy Friday everyone! I had a 6AM calltime and not enough time to sleep AND write this thing up last night I am mid afternoon finishing up. How are you doing? How was your week of work? Was it the last? Are you ready for a little Christmas/Holiday Vaca? Continue reading “Happy…”

Escaping From A Dream

Escaping from a dream,

that the brain believes is real

physical functions react,

to the stress and pain your mind feels

stuck in the unconscious realm,

emotions break the surface

moon gazing in solitude,

lost in the maze of purpose

I’m seeing behind the design,

and it’s an uncontrolled circus

psychological warfare,

your thoughts are no longer your own

and there’s no way to really know,

if you’re the original or the clone

uncut fear; unable to scream,

memories of sleep paralysis

inside my icy cave I slide,

into the depths of my psychoanalysis

and I come out of it,

more fucked up than I was before

opening brain doors,

walking through just to explore

you can alter the physical,

but you can’t change the inner core

I am the grotesque mental gore,

that i just vomited on your floor

Rhyme tissue and syllable matter,

analyze the ink splatter

reaching new heights,

one last rung on the ladder

I’m the nastiest roach in your house,

light don’t make me scatter.

Working In The Elements…

Happy Friday! How is everyone on this fine day? I’m fucking pumped that it’s Friday because I worked all week. I know you may just be like “So?” but I haven’t been working 5 days a week lately and when I do I realize that I don’t miss it and that it’s not how I want the rest of my life to go. I’m not a fan of routine for too long and I think I’ve grown tired of the “Usual” 5 day work week. Continue reading “Working In The Elements…”

My Social Space…

Hello everybody! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling. I’m your want to be, trying to be…writer. I was wondering the other day does anyone ever come up to you and declare you a writer? Do you just declare yourself one? Or is it only official once you get paid for your stuff? Fuck if I know. HA! Continue reading “My Social Space…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 20

Happy Monday Morning! Here’s Episode 20 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I sit down and ramble with a friend & coworker of mine Joe Carroll. In this episode we go on about The Walking Dead season 6 finale, working out in Nashville on “Nashville”, the new Power Rangers movie a whole lot more. If you work in the Film Industry you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I also talk to Joe about many of his projects past and present and about his book “Sinful Confessions” that you can buy on Amazon HERE. Come have a laugh now, it’ll be entertaining as you sit in traffic to or from work on another Monday Morning.