Do You See The Lines…

Happy Saturday everyone! I tried to post this yesterday when I got home and knocked out about 10PM. I hope you’ve had a spectacular week so far. We had 7AM call times all week and that always makes me happy. Although it does make me extremely tired at times by the end of the week as that theory was proved yet again last night when I fell asleep on the couch, 15 minutes after sitting on it. I know most people hate waking up in the morning but I’m actually a fan of waking up early. Particularly when I’m working because the earlier one starts the earlier they’ll be out. If we start at 7AM then there’s a good chance that we will be out by 7-8PM. I know to the normal world that works 8-9 hours that sounds like insanity and I’m here to tell you as I do so often, IT IS! It’s total insanity but our dumb business just continues to make it the norm. However, today I’m not here to go on about the industry. As I mentioned on Tuesday I’m going to start writing about some other topics. This is not a totally new feature here on the site as I’ve written quite a few “Fuck It Friday” posts but I’m going to be doing it more often. So let’s get into this shall we?

Today I want to talk about the shit parking that some people are doing out there. Yes, it’s gotten so bad lately that I had to write an entire post about this just hoping that some of you nitwits will read it and work on your fucked up parking skills. The reason this upsets me so much is because I made a conscious decision one day to never park on or over the line a few years ago. Since I made that tiny change in my life I have parked and stepped out of my car on multiple times only to notice I was on or over the line and then got back in my car and corrected the problem. Why would I do this? Why do I care so much? Because honestly this is such a simple rule to follow and other than being a complete asshole that just doesn’t care about taking 2 spots and making some stranger curse your existence (I’ve said some crazy shit) as they try to squeeze out their driver side door there is no reason in the world to park like this. If I can correct my bad parking when I do it then so can everyone else. If we all did it then the world would just be that much better. I’m not saying that parking within the lines is going to bring world peace but it is a step forward in just acting like a decent human being. Which I’m sad to say doesn’t seem to be a priority in many people’s lives. People would rather be assholes or idiots. I mean and it’s not surprising we are in a time where assholes and idiots are defending themselves by showing pride in these flaws. We can all be assholes and idiots but the point is not to be.

I will say though that there is definitely some idiots out there that just CAN’T park. I call them idiots because this is a correctable problem as I said before. Practice makes perfect. However the problem is that some people will say shit like, “I’m terrible at parking” every time they park and so they don’t work on it anymore. I think saying shit like that kind of makes your brain give up. You just accept that you don’t know how to park and so give up learning. Which is terrible because that just makes you lazy and it’s only a matter of time before your mind starts giving up on a bunch of other crap. You’ll find yourself saying “I’m terrible at this…I can’t do that…I never learned how to do this…”. Learning is a constant part of life. A person should NEVER stop learning. Alright back to the parking…sorry the Mary took me into a slight ramble there.I remember driving through a parking lot once where one person had parked over the line and at an angle even though it was straight head in parking and all the cars parked next to him continued to park just like him instead of parking the right way. Idiots. It’s a very basic skill folks and it only takes repetition to perfect it.

Now besides the idiots that don’t understand the logistics of parking because they refuse to learn them and the assholes that just don’t care, I do know there’s some people out there…we’ll call them dim wits that do this purposely because they have a fancy car that they don’t want someone to Fuck up their paint job but I’m just going to let you know that all that does is make your car a target for people who are assholes. I don’t do this anymore but in my younger more asshole-ly years I use to park in those extremely close parking spots that people like this would create as a result of their parking and then would fling open my door with no regard for that car. I may have caused many little dings to many nitwits cars out there and at the time it made sense in my asshole thinking. I figured I was teaching this person a lesson. In my insane teenage mind I thought since I dinged this persons car next time they’ll take sometime to park right. I don’t act like this anymore because I’m no longer a child but I just wanted to share that because even though I’m not out there doing this anymore there will always be some kids growing up to be assholes and they may spot your car.


I would also like to point out that prior to the small Jetta I drive now which is much easier to get into spots I drove an Explorer for years and still managed to park between the lines. So I don’t want to hear this bullshit excuse that the your car is too big. However I do understand at times that some parking spots are too tight for their car. There’s certainly a couple of parking lots I’ve been in which one would think they were built exclusively for mini coop but those are far and few in between. I would say I see more SUV type cars than I see smaller vehicles so I know all the parking lots aren’t to blame. I know this sounds like some dumb trivial shit to bitch about but I just need to vent about this and this is my outlet. Plus I thought it would be funny which is always my number one priority on here. Seriously though, I literally lose my shit internally every time I see someone that’s parked on or over the line. All it takes is 30 seconds to get back in that car and correct the problem. If you don’t have 30 seconds to fix a problem then you may have some serious time managing problems that need addressing as well. I’m just trying to get us all on the same page here. Together we can achieve great stuff but when we choose to act like an ass and do stuff like this we achieve nothing.

Thanks for reading another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday with an all NEW post.


Right Job, Wrong Place…

Happy muthafuckin Thursday!! How was your weekend? I’ve been busy the last 2 days but I’m at work today and finally found some time to write this thing up. I know it’s been a bit of a low post month here at We’re Not Rolling but don’t worry I promise to make up for lost weeks sometime in 2018. It’s also been a slow month of work which I’ve learned fuels my posts. When I’m not working, I find that I don’t think about work at all. However writing these posts forces me to think about the job which to be honest I’m not a fan of. So in the coming weeks I’m going to open up the topics I go on about here because that’ll keep me sane and I can try something new here on the site. I have a ton of other shit that I would love to go about here and haven’t. This year that changes. I promise it’ll be just as entertaining.  Alright let’s get into this shall we?

It’s happen to all of us and it’s occurrence is so common that it border lines creepy. It’s almost as if unforeseen forces of the world constantly chose to interfere in this matter. Why in the Fuck is every job I or anyone in this business get hired on 20-30 miles away from my/their house instead of the studio I/they live down the street from? It’s seriously a pretty strange phenomenon. I’ve lived 2-3 miles from 2 studios, Sony and Culver Studios for the past 6 years and have only worked at Culver once in that time. I have worked at Sony but that was prior to living close to it. The last time I worked at Sony I lived 25 miles from it. It’s happen to me so many times over the years that if I wanted to count it would be impossible. I’ve done multiple seasons of shows that were based 40 miles away. That’s insanity. I don’t know how people drive that far and further to work over several years. It’s bad enough driving that distance over 4-5 months on a show. I just can’t mentally deal with all that time that I’m wasting driving. The older I get the more I worry about time. I want to waste as little of that time on driving as I can but this industry is making that a bit tough.

I thought it was just me that this would happen to when I started working in this business. I remember getting phone calls and thinking “What the Fuck is going on?” I thought it was just my shit luck. Then I noticed that it was happening to my roommate as well and he was doing different jobs than I was but nothing was ever at the local studio. I’ve moved 4 times in 12 years and still would get jobs on the opposite side of town. If I was living in the Valley I would get work in Culver City. When I lived in Hollywood I got a job in Santa Clarita. It’s bizarre I tell you. Then I began to ask people at work where they lived and started to see a pattern. Now after 10 plus years in I know that it happens to almost everyone. Sure there is always those lucky few that have had years of employment close to them but if you ask around set where people live I think you’ll find that the majority of folks always tend to live a good distance from the studio that the show is based from. A great example is the Teamsters, they mostly all live out in Santa Clarita and work in all the studios down here Fox, Sony, Paramount. Think about that for a minute if you’re not a fan of doing like myself, most teamsters not only drive 30 plus miles everyday to and from work but then drive all day as well. I would die. I could never drive that long.

I thought this was only a California thing but I’ve had friends that work all over the country and have experienced the same thing multiple times. A few months ago I made the meme you see here…

And to my surprise I started getting comments on this post from people in parts of Europe that experienced the same Fucking thing. That’s weird right? I mentioned “unforeseen forces” above as the reason this happens so often however I really don’t believe that so what else can it be? If you don’t believe me, next time you work on a show start asking everyone you can where they live and conduct your own small study. Then you can come back here and we can compare notes. I bet more than half the people on your crew live 20 plus miles from the stage you’re working on. I was actually having a conversation with someone the other day about this very topic and we came up with a silly way to take care of this problem. We decided that there should be a website called “CrewSwap” in which a person could look up who of their referenced people lives and has a job in which they would want to swap locations on. Everyone has people they reference to others so these people will be your equal swap buddies. No? Maybe it needs some work but I think I’m on to something here. Who knows how to make an app? Shoot me an email we can go half on this idea. Hahaha! Ok I’m done, drop the curtain!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Make sure to stop by on Friday for a New post before you start your Super Bowl weekend and don’t forget to check out The Toke Talking Podcast every Monday right here or on iTunes and Soundcloud. Have a great rest of your week everyone!



Happy Friday everyone! I had a 6AM calltime and not enough time to sleep AND write this thing up last night I am mid afternoon finishing up. How are you doing? How was your week of work? Was it the last? Are you ready for a little Christmas/Holiday Vaca? I know I sure as hell am. I do have one more day of work on hold next week but I can only imagine that after that the town will go dark for a few weeks for the holidays as it has done since I’ve lived out here and worked in the business. If you’re not a fan of time off during the holidays then you may be suffering from “Scrooged”. It’s a virus that affects people who are unhappy with their lives during the holidays. Instead of giving into sadness this holiday season and just sitting home why don’t you try to go find some happiness with your time off. Happiness also doesn’t mean going on some extravagant vacation or buying some lavish expensive new car for yourself. It can be something as simple as going to your favorite restaurant with a good friend and having a chat. It can be helping someone you see pushing their car out of the street because it stalled. I didn’t think this would make me happy but I actually did this last night on the way home from work. As I was pulling onto my block there was  a guy pushing his car out of a really busy intersection and so I pulled over to the side, jumped out of my car and gave him a little assistance. His face when he said thank you honestly brought me one of those small moments of happiness. Many of us seem to think that money will bring us happiness but in reality it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. I think we all seem to forget how easy it is to find small bits of happiness everywhere in our everyday lives if we are constantly looking. I had a different topic when I started this post yesterday but I like the way this one is flowing so let’s call this another F.I.F post and get into this shall we?

The older I get the more I find satisfaction in my life by embracing and trying to appreciate all the small burst of happiness that despite all the terrible shit going on in the planet or in our personal lives just continue in the world around us. A perfect example of this is laughter. I have become obsessed with laughter and laughs in general over the last couple of years as a source of happiness. I love listening to people laugh, I love making people laugh and I love laughing myself. I mean who doesn’t? Who has ever said “I don’t like laughing.”? If anyone has ever uttered those words I honestly just feel bad for them. It makes everyone feel good and fill up with joy, what’s not to like? It’s impossible to stay angry while chuckling. Go ahead try it. Next time you’re upset about something go on youtube and watch your favorite funny video and try not to crack a smile. If you don’t have a go to funny youtube video DM me and I’ll send you some of mine. Back to what I was saying about appreciating the small spouts of happiness that life offers us, this is a big one to me. I try to start everyday with a laugh and from the minute I wake up I’m in search of that first good giggle. It may come in the form of waking up with my dog Munchie all up in my face snoring or with his butt resting warmly against my head. It may be my cat Angels long deep inner meow for food that always reminds me of when Marge from The Simpsons grunts. It may be something I watch on TV as I’m getting dressed that supplies me my first snicker of the day. Point is, I search that shit out EVERY DAY! It’s like my coffee in the morning which really doesn’t make sense in my life because I don’t drink coffee like that but I know most people do.

I wasn’t always this person that looked for happiness in random places like laughter before either. Honestly I remember being quite an asshole growing up and at times I even recall being bothered by others who seemed overly happy and joyful. I know now that it was just jealousy and I’m glad I was able to recognize that flaw in myself, in my character as a person because it helped me change. Once I realized that I was just being a stubborn asshole and suppressing my own joy and happiness I was able to let go of those negative feelings. Instead of being bothered by these content people I could now join them and feed off their energy and happiness as well. Happiness and good energy from people is very infectious but you have to let yourself be infected..I mean in a good way.

Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry for the delay on the post time but sleep must always come first, I’m old! HA! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if this was your last day of work, ENJOY THAT SHIT!! Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Vacation, Adventure..whatever you have going on. Go find some happiness. Go find some laughter. Be good to one another.


Working In The Elements…

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My Social Space…

Hello everybody! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling. I’m your want to be, trying to be…writer. I was wondering the other day does anyone ever come up to you and declare you a writer? Do you just declare yourself one? Or is it only official once you get paid for your stuff? Fuck if I know. HA! Continue reading “My Social Space…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 20

Happy Monday Morning! Here’s Episode 20 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I sit down and ramble with a friend & coworker of mine Joe Carroll. In this episode we go on about The Walking Dead season 6 finale, working out in Nashville on “Nashville”, the new Power Rangers movie a whole lot more. If you work in the Film Industry you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I also talk to Joe about many of his projects past and present and about his book “Sinful Confessions” that you can buy on Amazon HERE. Come have a laugh now, it’ll be entertaining as you sit in traffic to or from work on another Monday Morning.


The SAME but DifFerEnt…

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The Last Days on a Gig…

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Don’t Believe the Estimates…

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