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Happy Tuesday! How’s the world treating you lately? It’s currently Sunday in my writing timing world. I was just sitting here in the living room watching reruns of Fear the Walking Dead just ahead of the new season premier and thought hey let me get started on the post that way I’m not typing on Monday at 11PM at night half asleep. Today is actually a pretty busy day for me, I still need to record my Podcast plus Game 2 of the NBA finals and new episodes of American Gods and Jon Oliver are also on my watching schedule today. YAY SUNDAY!!

EDIT: It’s currently Monday..HAHAHAHA! At least most of it is done. 


Alright now that you guys are in tune with my plans for today let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to talk about a job title that my roommate brought up the other day and has mentioned before that apparently is becoming a common term and that I just feel is fucking dumb. So naturally as I do all things that I find funny, dumb, ridiculous and angering I thought I’d go on about it on here. A.D.P.A, it stands for Assistant Director Production Assistant. Now, why in the flying fucking hell in all that is ridiculous is this a term that is being used now? There’s so many problems with this that I truly don’t even know where to start with its dissection. Who comes up with these silly job titles? I will say this, the term does come from someone who often works in the commercial world as oppose to network tv or films. I myself have never heard the title used on anything that I have ever worked on. There’s all types of made up job titles I’ve heard throughout the years but this one is really just…I don’t even know what other words to use to describe it. This is not a real thing, why are we adding more confusion to people’s jobs. I guarantee that’s not going to be a title in any credits anywhere ever….MAYBE a student film or something. A.D.P.A…SMH (That’s the first time I use that anywhere, I didn’t know what it was for a while because I’m old…it means Shaking My Head, if you don’t least I hope it does..HA!)

I guess first I’d like to point out just exactly what the meaning of the term is supposed to be. Basically a A.D.P.A is a P.A that the A.D or A.D’s know or trust enough to call an A.D. There’s usually only 2 reasons they won’t call that person an A.D flat out and that’s usually because it’s a Union gig in which the P.A cannot be hired as a A.D or the project is cheap and doesn’t want to pay another “A.D” so instead they’ll call them a A.D.P.A because the cool title will make it seem less like they’re fucking you over money wise when they’re asking you to do A.D work at a P.A rate. They’ll tell you something like, “you’ll get A.D experience”. You know what else comes with “A.D experience?” A.D stress, A.D sleep deprivation problems from little sleep and A.D back problems from being on your feet all day. The difference, the people labeled and getting paid as A.D’s will have money to take time off to release the stress and get some sleep. They’ll have money to go to the chiropractor for their back. The A.D.P.A will still make as much as the other under paid P.A’s and just have to deal with the problems that came with “gaining experience”. Funny enough the trick works because I’m sure there are idiots right now out there whose ego has been inflated because they now think of themselves as A.D.P.A’s instead of P.A’s.

I honestly can’t even believe that I’m even writing about this but it’s partially why this blog even exist, to discuss dumb shit like this AND I’m well aware that it might seem like I myself am just a complaining P.A from reading this one post but you really need to read more than one to understand that I do love the business, I just like pointing out the fun in it. We work with many very serious and uptight people. Alright that’s my random hidden in a post explanation of my ranting reasons for the month of June. I’m such an idiot sometimes. Ok back to business..P.A’s are part of the Production Staff that is run by the A.D’s. The P.A’s all support the A.D’s SO technically every P.A in the production Department IS an A.D.P.A when you really think about it. There’s nothing wrong with having someone lead the P.A’s, in which case you call them the Key. However I think it’s really fucked up that on a show the A.D’s will clearly display who they prefer to be A.D’s and assist them directly by marking them with a made up title. There’s some A.D’s out there that abuse that title a lot and here they are people giving the title(Power) to some maybe disgruntle under paid employee. Does anyone see the potential problem with that? If there is a Key on the gig can you also have an A.D.P.A?

Am I just being too crazy? Should I not let little things like this get to me? I wish it didn’t. I actually find it easier to handle and not over react to the big stuff but little shit like this just drives me up the wall. Maybe it’s because I myself have never cared to be called anything more than what my job has always been labeled as, a Production Assistant. I get no warm and fuzzy feelings in my tummy when I’m labeled as the Key on a gig. It’s just that everyone, a label, get over it and keep it simple. Stop making up more titles that carry no real meaning, it’s confusing and counter productive.

Thank you for coming by/

I wrote this while I was High/

It’s why I’m ending this post with a rap/

To keep you entertained and coming back/

The world is currently a crazy place/

And I just want to help that by bringing smiles to your face/




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