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Happy Muthafucking Friday!! The weekend is finally here and don’t you dare think about setting an alarm clock tomorrow. You worked your ass off and deserve the rest. SLEEP IN!! Unless you have kids in which case I think you may have voluntarily surrendered your mornings for a few years. I’m not quite sure I could ever make such a commitment and so I commend all you parents out there that also work these torturous NOT┬áNECESSARY hours and still put in the time for a family. Let’s get into this shall we?

Alright, so I wish I could say that this is going to be a funny post to send you into the weekend laughing and feeling good. I wish this wasn’t something that I had to write about but I can’t just sit here and say nothing about all the sexual harassment allegations that have been popping up in this business lately. I can’t sit here and not use the platform that I’ve made for myself that speaks about this industry and not express my thoughts about it so I am. First off let me say that personally I am disgusted with every single one of these pieces of shit. I’ll try to control they juvenile name calling but those of you that have read my material for a while now know that’s not exactly my forte. This is my website, my blog where I share my personal feelings and thoughts about certain topics. Those feelings and thoughts aren’t always sunshines and fucking rainbows because unfortunately there are people like this bag of dicks and the bag just continues to grow everyday. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner, Roy Price, Andy Signore, James Toback. There are more names as well but these are the big ones in the news and in our industry. This is happening in all industries across the board and more scumbags are popping up everyday. I hope it doesn’t stop till we get every one of these sad men. I know there is no way to get rid of asshats like this forever but we can sure as hell do away with this safe space that they have created for themselves where they lurked like the scum, vile characters that they create and/or portray in their films. They hid in plain sight and preyed on all these victims for years, protected by their band of enablers. Which I will point out I feel have not come out as they should. Some have come out but there has to be hundreds of people out there that worked for these tiny dicks that knew all about their crimes or their tendencies. Everyone that works in this business knows that the more money and power someone has, the more assistants and people they have around kissing their ass. These peoples soul purpose is to know everything about them and to accommodate their every wish. They have assistants that take care of their kids, pick up their laundry, go to the bank for them, they know their passwords, key codes to get into their homes to pick up shit they forgot… people with power typically have tons of people working for them doing all types of very personal shit. Are you really about to tell me that these people did not know anything? How about the family? I understand that it’s tough to toss your family out into the fire but these are people that need help and you are NOT HELPING. Your family pride could be causing terrible harm to hundreds of people out there.

Now let me shift focus to Spacey for a second. I recently wrote a post on here about Bryan Singer and his bullshit disturbing accusations. His fucked up twisted past with young men, boys. The timing was actually quite odd because I believe it was only a few days before Weinstein got caught. Every day that another person is brought to the floor to answer for their crimes I hope that it’s Singer. See Singer just like Spacey are in a different realm than the other men I mentioned above because they aren’t going after woman. These men are pedophiles that have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. I’ve written about how if you work in this business you eventually overhear stories about everyone just like many industries. There’s tales of every big name actor, actress, director, producer and everyone else that makes the big money. People like to talk and word in this industry gets around quick. If you’re a terrible person that treats people like shit, everyone in town will know that shortly after your first couple of weeks on the show/film. The ones that go around about Spacey and Singer are always ones that always tend to point out that they like young boys. I think we should start trying to figure out where these stories originated from and start asking for some of these people to step forward and share what they know. I will once again refer to you to watch the documentary “An Open Secret” on YouTube when you get a chance. It’s a very well made doc and explains this terrible world that does exist within our business. This is a whole other Hollywood secret that I hope comes to light soon. While sexual harassment of anyone is wrong in every sense I find the people doing this to kids repulsive. Adults know what’s happening when this type of crime occurs but kids don’t. They’re innocent and gullible. While this is traumatizing to anyone I just can’t even imagine the damage it does to such a young mind. It just makes me fucking furious and I want those guilty to pay for their crimes and jump on the hot seat just like all these other sad fucks.

These last few weeks have been such a roller coaster of emotions for me. I’ve been angry as all hell at all these fucking losers and then torn up but also proud and happy of all these woman and men that have come forward with their stories. That is not easy everyone and if you think it is then you have some problems of your own to deal with. Beginning with the fact that anytime you say something is easy that you have NEVER experienced already disqualifies you from having any type of valid info in what the victims should do because only a dumb Fuck argues a side of an argument in which you have no history or expertise in. ┬áI’ll also say this to anyone out there that may be entertaining this insane idea that any of these people may be lying about these crimes committed against them. If you were raped, sexually assaulted or anything that these people have gone through would you come out the next day, tell the world and pretty much change your life forever. I particularly want to ask this of men. If you’re a man that was raped by an actor or producer while working on the crew would you go to work the next day and report him. Would you go home that night and tell your family what happen to you? Because I’m going to be honest, I think I only know a handful of men that in my life that would ever say anything. I think most guys would make up some lame ass reason that they need to leave the show and then just bottle the shit up. I think that telling anyone about such a horrid incident would be the toughest thing anyone would ever disclose to anyone. The thought alone is scary as Fuck so I don’t understand why anyone would think this was an easy thing to do or why they even feel it’s right to question a victim which is claiming such a crime occurred. It’s tough for some people to talk about sex in general let alone tell everyone they work with and in their life that some shit Fuck forced their way or touched them inappropriately.

I’ve recently been having my own moral conflicts about working in this business for reasons like this and a few others but this particularly is really making it tough to come to work in an industry that supports this type of garbage. However I’m here now and all I can do is speak up and take a stand alongside all these amazing people that have suffered this awful shit at the hands of these fucking shitheads. I will not let men disgrace women and talk about them as objects if I overhear them because this is the only way we can make real change. Those friends and family members that you have in your life that objectify woman and constantly aim to cause a divided between men and women are the base of the problem. We need to talk to these people in our lives and help them see the error in their ways. We need to teach our kids better than we were taught. The lessons that our parents and their parents before them were instilling in us obviously were flawed and we need to update them so that the next generation doesn’t follow in our ways. We need to stand up for all those that can’t. We need to stand together and call these predators out by name and drive them out of this business so that we can move forward from this. I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of true equality between Woman and Men because only then can we evolve as a people.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all a fantastic weekend and please be good to each other.




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