The Last Days on a Gig…

Happy Friday!! How is everyone? World’s a bit crazy as of late so it’s actually a question that I’m genuinely asking. Life is pretty great for me right now. I mean it rarely ever is not. I might lose my shit every now and then but for the most part I try to keep it positive. It is a mind state. I learn that more and more the older I get. If you really try to keep a pleasant and positive attitude, life is just better. Especially with the hours that we work at times. If you have this, ‘I hate this job and everything in the world’ attitude I just find it makes life so much more miserable. Wow, I’m on a rambling spree right from the get go today..Sorry about that. Let’s press on, let’s get into this shall we?

It’s Thursday night right now but I post this tomorrow (Friday) and sadly its MY last day on the show that I’m currently working on. The show goes on Hiatus next week and then films till the end of March however the timing coincides with the beginning of another show that I work on. The other show that I’m jumping onto starts Monday and is in their 3rd Season. I’ve been there since the Season 1 and they’ve treated me very well. I think in situations like this it’s important to try to remain loyal to shows that have you on for multiple seasons. As long as they take care of you and you are happy working there. If you hate the show then Fuck it! Don’t go back and wait for the next job to call. There’s a lot of people who I’ve mentioned before that spend years on shows they hate just because they think nothing else is going to call. IT’S NOT TRUE!! I mean unless you’ve burned bridges all around town and you’re down to the only person that will hire you. Then you’re pretty screwed, you need to work in misery. HA! But if you work regularly you should never feel pressured to take a job.

Now getting back to the job I’m leaving. It fucking sucks! I really want to stay and finish it out. I never leave a show before it’s over. I think the few times I have, I left a week before it ended at most…Never 6 weeks. However before I accepted the job that I’m on I had told the 2nd A.D that I would have to jump off once the other show started. She said that was cool and so that’s why I took the show. Most the time it never works out that way because you just never know if you’re going to be renewed till the last possible most inconvenient time. In this situation I knew the other show was going to begin filming while this one was happening so I was able to let everyone know before I even took the job. Otherwise I would never leave a show this far ahead of the season wrap. Geez I keep getting sidetracked explaining crap…So I was talking to someone today and they said “Man tomorrow is your last day..does it feel weird?” That got me thinking about all the last days I’ve had on shows during my time in this business. I looked at him and said “You know what it feels like? It feels like the last day of school.” And it really does! Especially on shows that you go back for multiple seasons because you have time off that feels like summer vacation. The show I’m going back to is a perfect example. We worked together for 4-5 months, we haven’t seen each other for like 6 months so when we start the show again it’s like the first day of school again. We’re a year older and we spend the entire day catching up. Like when you would spend the whole first day or week of school catching up with friends.

Sadly though before the reunion with my old friends from last year on Monday, today I need to say bye to all the new friends I’ve made here and that’s always so crappy. I’ve told you guys before, one of the best parts of working in this industry in the relationships you make with the people you work with and I’m really going to miss some of the people who I work with right now. When I first took this job I was a bit unsure about how it was going to go because besides the 2nd A.D I knew no one else. I had been working with the same production team for the last 2 years so I guess you can say the change made me a bit nervous. However as is always the case with me, I soon got over the uncertainty and found another awesome family to be a part of. Hopefully they get another season and I get to see all these guys again but again you just never know what’s going to happen. I’m also really bummed that I’m going to miss the last day because like I was saying before, it reminds me of the last day at school when I was young. The work on the last day always gets done but everyone is just in cruise control and having a good time. There’s always a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everyone gives each other gifts. Everyone is in a great mood and it’s just an awesome experience that I look forward to on every show and I’m sad that I will miss this one. Actually, I’m really hoping that it happens during a Hiatus on the new show I’m going to so I can come hang for the day. I will definitely go to the wrap party shall there be one so I guess I will get to celebrate with the crew one more time but still…the point of all this is that it sucks and I wanted to vent about it on here because it’s my blog and I do what I want.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have an awesome weekend. I will be heading up to Mammoth because they got 20 feet of snow and I need to go down it on a snowboard. I’ll have up plenty of pictures up on my TheFilmCan Instagram if you want to check them out next week and follow me if you like funny shit. That should be my tag “Follow me if you like Funny Shit”. Don’t forget to listen to my podcast every Monday Morning right here at We’re Not Rolling, iTunes and Soundcloud and I’ll talk to you all on Tuesday.


This won’t make sense to anyone not on the show so don’t bother reading it if you don’t want to. This is just a reminder for myself and anyone that worked on the show of some of the unforgettable moments. Hopefully when I’m an old man and read this all the memories will come back OR I will not remember shit and think I was out of my mind. Either way…

LEON!…Paul has nothing on his list…We need a van for Robert…You hold your phone like a mother…I don’t even remember your name when I leave here…I got Hudson, He’s coming…Turning over…Lufthansa…Does he look like a bitch…Look under stuff…School, school, school…Caesar Chicken Salad…Copy that Lou (Weird Mickey mouse voice)…These doors don’t lock up themselves…They look like the X-men…Cosco O.J…Anyone seen Lucilles purse…ALL THE WAY IN…EMPRO…filming at Cosco…Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Cut, Cut, Cut…

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  1. People who are good at their jobs will always have work find them in this town.

    You are very good at your job. You have made relationships that will last. Stage 88 will be silly not to invite you back next season.

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