The Love/Hate Continues…

Happy Friday! How did the week treat you? Did anything exciting happen? Did anyone lose their shit for absolutely no reason at all on set? I did work today (Thursday), it was very…very hot. I’m not a fan, I’m over summer already. When can I break out my collection hoodies again? By the way, in random, insane, this planets weather is drastically changing news.. Mammoth’s winter season ends this Sunday. I’m going to let that sink in for a minute…no please go ahead and think about what month we’re in, the extreme heat in places like Arizona..and mammoth still has snow. Mother Nature is telling us there’s some weird shit going on everyone. Wake UP! But back to the heat, it’s just so uncomfortable. The constant sweating and feeling dehydrated. With the exception of having some source of cold, refreshing water to jump into like a pool, beach or lake you can only do so much to cool off. However when you’re cold you can keep covering yourself and achieve a comfortable warm body temperature. I love when I start these things and then stop to reread and think about what I’m talking about and what I’m SUPPOSE to be talking about. Here I am going on about the weather and my feelings toward it like you give a shit. HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

Alright SO…this business my friends NEVER seems to amaze me. I warn you now this will be a bit of a venting post so if that’s not your deal please check back next week! This Industry though…It is by far the most unpredictable world that I’ve ever been a part of and I went to school and grew up in Florida. Yeah. Florida. Last August I got to work on a New Show with a New department. Prior to that I had been with the same department for about 2-3 years so it was a bit weird at first. The team I was previously jumping around town with had a bit of a mishap and we stopped working together. It was nothing negative just life peaking it’s unfair, unpredictable hand in our affairs. Even though I have always gotten along and had a great time on every show I’ve been on over the course of the last 7-8 years you just never know. There’s a lot that can mess up the vibe on a show. The cast can suck, the crew can suck, the hours can be terrible, it can be an hour drive everyday. This gig though, it actually ended up being one of my favorite gigs to date. I fucking loved it there. I went on about my time on that show ever since it ended and you can bet I was looking forward to going back. Everyone was awesome, the cast was great, the hours were perfect and it was 8 Minutes from my house. 8 MINUTES!!! Do you know how rare that is in this industry? Ask anyone in the business how often they work at the studio down the street from their house. I actually posted this the other day…

I posted it in a Facebook Group called On Movie Set Memes (You should check it out) and several people have shared their pain. So the gig was fucking perfect. It’s the show that I’ve been mentioning on here the last few weeks that I was waiting to start-up again. Well as it turns out it was too perfect and too good to be true because it looks like I won’t be going back. Word is that they wanted to hire a new staff…not everyone though. I’m not going to sit here and say who is going back because that’s not important. Look I’m not mad about not going back but I will say that I’m genuinely surprised and sad that I won’t be there to see all those people everyday because they were my new fall/winter family. I actually wrote a post titled “The Last Days On a Gig…” about my last day on that show and how fucking awesome everything was. I’ve repeatedly praised how great the family feeling on a show is and then stuff like this happens. I know I wrote Hate in the title but I wasn’t speaking about this job I was speaking about my Love/Hate with this business. It’s stuff like this that really puts a stormy fucked up rainy cloud over this industry and always brings up that “Fuck this business” attitude. I always come back to my senses because after all, it’s just a job. I also know that loyalty in this circus is a bit of a joke but still at times it still manages to catch me off guard. Like it did a few days ago when I received this news. It’s just so weird. I would be lying if I said I was not expecting to be back there in a few weeks. It sucks! Plus it’s also the first time this has ever happen to me so it’s caused a strange feeling to be honest. I’ve never not gone back to a show. I don’t know, maybe I am a bit upset. I’m not mad at anyone in particular just at the situation. I know I’ll be day playing but that’s just not the same. Not to mention I had plans with the what I thought was guaranteed work. As I’m sure most of us do when we know that we are going to be employed for a while. We make vacation plans, moving plans, wedding plans. Side note, I’m not getting married, that was an example. When you know that you have a show going on for a few months you have security.

HOWEVER life goes on and I know that I will be fine. The one thing that I’m never short on in my life is work. I know that may seem great to some of you or that I’m being a bit snobby by the comment but if you know me and or read my blog you know that I am always trying NOT to work all the time. I love my job and I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had but time off is also important. I wish instead of work I could say that the one thing I’m never short on in my life is life. I don’t feel anyone should work ALL the time. I think the majority of people work way more than they spend time on themselves. Every person needs balance and I’m a firm believer in this. So as of now I have no plans but to bounce around. I know a couple other people starting shows so maybe I’ll just day play till the next thing comes along as is the routine of a life in this business. Honestly since this played out like this I want to try to get an assistant job to some creative type. It can be a Director, Producer, Writer, Actor/Actress. Maybe I’ll try to find one of those gigs. I think I know enough people whom if I asked I could find something. Sometimes that’s all one has to do, ask….(If you want you can whisper and echo the word “ask” there at the end for dramatic effect).

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great weekend. Do everything I would do, wouldn’t do and much more as long as it doesn’t kill you or get you in trouble because why the Fuck not? I’ll be back on Monday with an all NEW Toke Talking Podcast and Tuesday with a NEW blog post. Be good to one another.


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