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Tuesday! Party Time! Excellent!…Bill and Ted reference…anyone? Whatever! How are you fine people today? We actually had a 10AM call time today which would inevitably..USUALLY..mean that your week was headed right into a Fraturday of frightening proportions but on some occasions that is not the case. On this show we have actually had a late call and wrapped in 10 hours to pull the call back down to an earlier call later in the week. YES! It can be done everyone. The brain washing old school people who go on and on about working 16-17 hour shifts, back in the day and making fun of those people who just want a somewhat of a normal scheduled work day are lying to you when they say that “This is the only way!”. They can schedule more days, hire more people and take less money. Hahahaha…I can only imagine how furious that might have made some uptight producer, director, writer, hell even crew and everyone else that makes a lot of money types. Everyone I’m just joking here. I’ve never been on that side of it so I have nothing to base some of my opinions on and that’s why they are just that, OPINIONS. I’m just here to bring you a few laughs, maybe teach you something (Highly unlikely) and write about some of the film industries interesting, funny and insane procedures, people and stories. I know I’ve worked on shows that have been under staffed and always in a rush and we’d work 16 hour days and I’ve worked on shows that were well staffed, kept to 12 hour days and filmed over a longer period of time. That’s how I came to that conclusion..not bad huh? It makes a little sense…ok enough jargon, let’s get into this shall we?

Alright everyone, so today I wanted to talk about something that actually came to light in the car ride I had this morning with a fellow friend/co-worker. My car is in the shop because it over heated Friday night on the way home from work (No St. Patty’s for me) and so I car pooled this morning. As we were driving I told them what had happen with my car and they said something along the lines of at least it happen AFTER work as oppose to before. Now it was in this moment that I one, realized how different I think from that of my friend and current pilot for the day on this topic and two, this will make an interesting post. I find that I differ from a lot of the people who I’ve worked with throughout the years in quite a few aspects and thought it would be interesting to pick a few random ones and dissect those. So let’s start off with this one that I was just speaking about. If I was to pick whether my car broke down before or after work I would ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS choose before work. Two reasons, one this means that I will be at work less which is always good and two, after 12+ hours I want to go home NOT deal with a broken down car. Now I thought well, maybe this is just me, maybe I’m just a lazy shit. I mean I’m not going to sit/lay here and tell you I’m not a lazy bastard either and pretend that I’m an activity filled soul like some of my friends that run 10-15 miles every weekend. Honestly I think I borderline somewhere in the middle. I can be motivated and engaged when I want to or the complete opposite. I consider myself a life first, work second type of person. However I wanted to make sure this wasn’t just my crazy thinking and asked 12 people, 7 in the industry and 5 not in the industry this question “Would you rather your car breakdown before or after work?” I ended with a score of 8-4 with only 4 saying they’d prefer it happen before. So I’m not as lazy as I just questioned myself to be because I conducted this half ass poll and my findings made me feel better about it so there.

Next is this feeling that a lot of people who I work with share that they need to take every possible job offered to them (even if it’s terrible) because you never know when the next job is going to come along. I don’t see things like this at all. I feel that everyone can freely pick the jobs they want and say no to the ones that they know are going to be a torment to their lives. Now in this argument I will say that I am single and have no kids so these are the people who I’m mainly talking about here because they only need to worry about themselves. One can go longer without work when you’re not feeding a 2-3 other mouths. However even with having a family I think everyone should make contacts that they enjoy working with. The bottom line of this section is just that, I feel lots of people at times feel pressured to take a job they really don’t want in fear that nothing will come along and I just want to say that’s never been the case for me in the last 4-5 years that I’ve been doing this and as a result, my circle of people who I work with now are all people who I respect and respect me and who I love to work for. They’re like Family.

Sticking around for lunch after being wrapped. I know this might seem like a strange one to most folks because you’re thinking ‘Free Lunch’ which is what everyone’s excuse is when I asked why they stick around. Ok, look I’m always game for some free stuff but I’m not going to stick around work longer than I have to for a meal that I’ve had 8 million times before when I can go home cook myself something or dare I say it?? Actually go eat somewhere in the world since I’m out early instead of going home and heating my catering meal that in my take home box. No disrespect to the caterers, they make some bomb food at times but again this one is just like the first one, Life comes before work. I would rather get out early and go eat somewhere I’ve never been to before and even if it’s for and hour, I want to try something new and live a little. I don’t want to be in the confinement of work or my home.

Alright last one, Money. Now that’s a big one and one that I’ve brought up here often. I’m not a money person…probably one of the top reasons I’m still single. HA! People love money and I’m not saying I don’t. I have relished from its benefits when one has it in excess and I can see how one can fall into its warm, corrupting, comforting, damaging allure. It opens up doors everywhere you go and any time a problem arises you can just make it rain on it a little bit to go away. I mean ‘Make it Rain’ like in the strip club for those of you that might have missed that one. Listen, I GET IT! Money can bring happiness…at least for a while. I have never been rich and I can’t say I’ve been poor because growing up I went to Disney World so many times that I feel we could have┬átaken a different kid from my class every time we went up. Actually, I’m really not sure where I lost my affliction for the green, I know when I was younger I yearned for it like everyone else but somewhere along the lines I just stop caring and started appreciating what I had more. I started to notice that the saying is true, you can’t buy happiness. Happiness is within you. I control what makes me happy and somewhere along my life I realized that it wasn’t money. I don’t like the chase of it, I don’t like how it makes certain people act. I feel it does more bad than good in the end.I would hate to think that all I go to work for is to make money. That sounds like such a sad life to me and that includes if I was one of these top-level executives in a firm making millions. I would hate for my only motivation to go to work was to get a paycheck. That’s why I got into this industry because I love Movies, I love TV and the fact that they’re paying me just makes it convenient. It’s the closets one can get to that feeling of not having a job because you enjoy it but make no mistake it is still a job. So I want to get in, get out and get on with my life. If I ever get to direct something I too would keep this mentality. I wouldn’t change it because now I’m the’s still a job and life is outside. That’s where I want to be so whatever gets me there the fastest is what I’m about. Cut to: Me directing something in a few years and someone forwarding me this posts and me looking like an idiot because I just filmed a 16 hour day. HAHAHA! NEVER!!

Alright, that was a fun one I must say. Thank you Adi-Das ­čÖé for the idea. Thanks for visiting We’re Not Rolling on another Tuesday for one of my ridiculous, sometimes funny, sometimes readable, sometimes I wonder how high I was posts everyone. These keep getting more and more entertaining every week and I’m working on new stuff to add to the site. Plus I’m still looking for submissions..anyone out there that has a great story to share, please send it my way so I can get it on here. Anyhow, have a great week guys and gals and I’ll talk to you all on Friday.


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