Union Vs Non Union…FIGHT….

Happy Tuesday everyone! How ya doing? How was your weekend? Personally I had a great day on Saturday. I spent the day with a friend I hadn’t hung out with in a while down at the beach and we just laughed and talked up a storm for quite a few hours. We also had a bunch of delicious food and drinks to compliment the ongoing smoking sessions throughout the day. Sunday however it was a good day till about after halftime in the Packers game. We started out strong and sadly we ended up losing and although these loses don’t bum me out as much as they use to it still sucks. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

The differences between the Union and Non Union world in the Film Industry is quite hilarious to me at times. Now granted, this is the only industry I’ve worked in that had unions so this might be the case elsewhere but here in this business that shit is ridiculous at times. I’m not talking about the Union themselves, the unions make total sense. However the way some of these Union people act or talk about the Non Union world one would think that they are polar opposites. While there’s definitely some differences I think they are very much alike only that they have different budgets. That means that one can see a difference in things like the crafty or equipment but other than that they are pretty similar. The way everything runs is pretty much the same between both. Non Union just tends to be a little more fast paced because they usually don’t have enough time. Time is money after all and Non Union shows usually don’t have it but Union shows also claim to not have it. HMMMM…

First let’s talk about the food because let’s be honest, if you have good food it makes everything else better…most the time…ok all the time. I love food alright. I have to say times are definitely changing though and the longer I work in this business the more catering seems to be disappearing on sets. The production will instead give everyone what’s called a one hour walk away. Which just means we get an hour to go get lunch somewhere. So in other words how the rest of the world goes to lunch. This is happening on Union shows because they are just cheap as Fuck or as they word it “We don’t have money in the budget”. Look I’ve said it several times if you keep a crew fed they will go to the end of the world with you. Crews will probably work 24 hours without blinking an eye if you had rotating food trucks every 3 hours. Now on Non Union shows it can go either way surprisingly enough. I’ve worked with great Producers on very shitty low-budget projects that knew it was going to be a grueling experience so they go all out on the food. Then I’ve also worked on shows where lunch is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Personally, like I mentioned a few sentences ago and continue to say..I love food. That includes all food even the ones that Californians or other healthy folk out there find repulsive, like KFC. I like fast food, fancy food and best of all free food. When I go to work and get fed, it is free food so I don’t complain about it.

Now this is a rather new one that I’ve started to notice…although it has been a while since I worked a Non Union gig so I can be wrong on this one.  I’ve warned you not to come here for facts, just comedy and lots of cursing. The Porta Potties on all the shows that I’ve been working on lately are fucking sweet. All the shows seem to be bringing out those new fancy ones with the Urinals and 2 stalls. There’s a sink, AC and even paintings on the wall to look at as you take a leak. The bathroom game in the Union Film Industry has certainly taken a turn for the better in that section. I can only imagine that these bathrooms are more expensive however and I’m assuming that the Non Union shows may be renting the old 4 singular boxes of hell. Those things are an atrocity on humanity and should all be destroyed or permanently sent to concert venues across the globe.

Next I want to talk about the crew because this is usually one of the biggest differences. The Non Union world abides by no rules so anyone can be anything they want to be. I remember working on Non Union videos where the entire crew was older than the Producer and Director and that was their first gig. Age is just a number and I’m not saying that you should be awarded job positions based on age I’m just pointing out an extreme example. Union show people are a little more snobby and uptight. Not all of them of course but most do always like to talk about Non Union shows like they can’t even imagine what it must be like. They speak about it it’s the third world country version of our business. People fighting at lunch over food. Hitting one another with rusty C-Stands over a cup of Krogers Coffee at Crafty.

Lastly there is the money. The one and only thing that keeps Hollywood moving. Stop. Rewind that, the one and only thing that keeps the world moving. As one can imagine Non Union pays less than the Union shows. Usually on a Non Union show they will pay you what they call a flat rate. Which means no matter how many hours they film you get a flat boning..I mean rate. This is a terrible place to be in and I suggest not spending too much time working for companies that pay you a flat fee. Those people are only looking out for themselves most times and it’s not worth your time, effort and health. Yes health, because 18 hours of work is going to take its tow on your body whether you realize it or not. Union shows usually not only pay you over time but in most shows I’ve been on over the last several years they will offer you insurance. You know that thing that we should all have for free because we should all deserve the right to live a healthy life. HA! I like that they offer insurance because it’s really the least you can do if you’re robbing someone of 14 hours of their life 5 days a week. I’m joking film industry, you know I love you. I just hate your fucking hours!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and checking out another one of my post here at We’re Not Rolling. I appreciate you spending time to come here and check out my madness every week. If you haven’t listened to The Toke Talking Podcast yet make sure to check it out, I share a couple of set stories on there this week. Besides that make sure to check out our NEW section here The Corner tomorrow for an all new post and then one last laugh with the Friday post before you head into the weekend. Have a great week everyone.


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