What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled….

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone? I finally went back to work yesterday and I have to say. I didn’t miss it one bit! Hahaha..I’m joking. I missed it…but only a little bit. It’s really just the people. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really amazing people during my time in this business and it’s one of the industries best assets. The people who you surround your self with for months at a time on a film production is key to your attitude during that gig. If you’re working with a bunch of assholes then you’re probably going to have a pretty shitty time. That’s why I’m always telling people to work with people they enjoy working with instead of just saying yes to a job because you need the money. There’s no price on the mental toll that you’re going to endure if you’re on a show you hate my friends. With that in mind, let’s get into this shall we?

I remember mentioning last Tuesday that I was going to share a story and then I thought of a different topic last Friday and so with it went the story. However don’t be down because I got a story today. Now, I never use names on here but due to the fact that the show got cancelled (Hence the title) I see no problem with talking about it openly now. Today I wanted to talk about the best show that I have worked on so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved many of the shows that I’ve worked on but this one will always stand out because it was the most creative thing I’ve been a part of during my time in this business. It’s how I thought working in this industry would be like all the time. Then you work on an hour long drama and realize that while it’s amazing stuff to watch or even create, working on it from a film crew perspective is pretty fucking mind numbingly torturous. The Muppets however, is a fantasy show about these…well..Muppets. Characters that were brought to life with puppeteers. I remember the 1st AD telling us that he was up for that job and like 2 others and we were all like “Well you better take The Muppets!” He did and what followed was some of the most awesome months of my life. I love movies, I love television, I love Music. I’m a fucking arts geek. I draw, I write, I do a ton of creative shit but I must say it had slowed down for me. The spark of creating had faded and this show is responsible for re-sparking the creative juices that I had when I first moved out here. I actually credit this show for much of the creative stuff I’ve been putting out lately like this Blog, The Podcast, all the pictures I make for Instagram and all the stop motion videos I have online. This show reminded me of why I went to film school, why I moved from Miami to L.A.

Now the show I’m talking about is called The Muppets. No not any of the movies and not The Muppet Show from back in the day. I’m talking about the one season that ABC had on. The amount of people who don’t know this show was on the air when I mention it at times is really quite baffling. I thought they did a good job promoting it and come on now..it’s The Muppets. The show was basically about the real life of The Muppets outside of the show business word. On the show they all worked on a Talk Show that was hosted by Miss Piggy. All of the Muppets worked on the show in various film crew positions. While most of the show centered around running the show, we also got a chance to see what The Muppets were like in their normal lives. Where they live, where they go drink, where they eat, who they date. The idea sounded amazing to all of us that started working on it back in 2015 and besides that we were all just amped to be working with The Muppets. We all thought that we were going to be on the air for years just because of who the stars were..I mean again who doesn’t watch and love The Muppets? Well the answer was, very few people because we got the axe after just one season. However before I get to that let me tell you some of the reasons this show was so awesome.

First there was The Muppets themselves. The Muppets to me are real…people..things..I don’t know..Muppets..they exist to me. What I mean by that is that even though there is a person that is puppeteering that Muppet, that Muppet is alive. When the Muppet was placed on that puppeers hands the person disappeared and the Muppet was there. It was a surreal experience because never in a million years did I think as a grown 36-year-old adult that I would believe I was really having a conversation with an inanimate object. That’s the creativeness that I was talking about earlier. It takes truly talented people to pull this off. I had conversations with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. I talked about my weekend with Bobo. These are moments that still till this day I geek out in my brain about. It’s funny because I remember asking one of the puppeteers if it was traumatizing for kids to see them puppeteering the Muppets and he said, they don’t even acknowledge that the person is there. Well to my surprise, the same goes for adults as well. As soon as that Muppet started talking to you the person disappeared. It was just fucking awesome.

The crew was also what made this job a special one for me. Sure there were some long fucking days that wore on us at times but at the end of the day I think we were all just so happy to be working there that we didn’t mind. I mean in general the feel on set when you’re working on a comedy is fun and chill but this one was different because we were all fans of the Muppets. So since the entire crew loved the “actors” and “actresses” and the material, the energy that we had everyday, to date is unmatched by anything that I’ve worked on. But..like many great shows that I’ve watched before we only made it one season. They did give us more episodes in the back-end but we were never picked up for a season 2. This also made this one of the worse shows I ever worked on, which still by the way SUCKS! I remember the first few months after we heard that we wouldn’t be back hoping that someone like Netflix, HULU or Amazon would pick us up but it just never happen. It’s never too late though if your out there and reading this!! WINK WINK…Hahaha..Unfortuanately it’s the nature of the business. Shows come and shows go and you never know which one it might be. I will never forget this show and I know I will tell stories of those months for years to come because it truly was a film makers dream to be a part of and if any of you are reading this that worked on the show thanks for being part of it and for making it such an extraordinary unforgettable moment in my life.

How was that for a story huh? Man I fucking loved that show. I would’ve in all seriousness worked on that for as many seasons as it would’ve gone. Anyhow, now that I’ve depressed myself I’m going to hit the sack. Thanks for reading everyone. I’m going to skip the Shameless Plugs because this is getting quite long now and I think you all know where to find all my material already. Have a grand week, don’t work yourself crazy and I’ll talk to you all on Friday.


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