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Happy Friday! How is everyone on this fine day? I’m fucking pumped that it’s Friday because I worked all week. I know you may just be like “So?” but I haven’t been working 5 days a week lately and when I do I realize that I don’t miss it and that it’s not how I want the rest of my life to go. I’m not a fan of routine for too long and I think I’ve grown tired of the “Usual” 5 day work week. I want a 4 day work week. I want to work for 4 days and have off 3. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Come on everyone, together we can make this thing happen. Let’s all march into our jobs tomorrow and all just say “Starting next week, I’m only available Mon-Thur and that’s that”. Yeah right! People love working…actually, I mean people love money. They love money so they can buy shit and enjoy their lives but risk and donate that time (Which is not guaranteed!) willingly to more hours of work. It’s a pretty terrible cycle that can only be broken by realizing that as cheesy as it sounds “Money does not buy happiness.” Alright let’s get into this shall we?

This week I was working out in the desert and that is what gave me the idea for this post. In this business we work in all types of crazy as conditions. Some of them can be damn near like a dream come true and others can be a version of hell. Now I haven’t worked in all types of weather and conditions but I have worked in a few. In this post I’m going to go on about the ones I’ve been in, my favorites and least favorites and if I still got some space on here I’ll talk about those that I’ve not been in.

OKAY! Here we go. Once upon a time not long ago. HA! Cool points if you just continued singing that tune. As I mentioned above I was working in the desert this week and I made a new enemy. This enemies name is dirt. Dirt along with his friend wind really made my Tue a terrible day. I spent all day with my left eye crying every 2 minutes, while my left nostril was closed up and my right continuously ran that clear annoying liquid…why is there no operation or procedure to get rid of that? I had forgotten my bandana at home which is a big mistake when you work anywhere where there’s going to be dirt all day. It was so bad that I jumped on Amazon and immediately bought some of those cool 16 in one banana things.

I just got them today and I can’t wait to use those suckers tomorrow. So dirt and wind, terrible conditions. I would not wish them on anyone and if you have any sick days you haven’t used these would be the days to use those. I mean in a way you’re actually saving your lungs. Who knows what the long-term effects of breathing in all this dirt over the course of 20-30 years will do. I also need to mention that it’s not only desert dirt either. I’ve filmed in junk yards. Can you imagine the amount of toxins from years of cars that is cemented into that dirt. Yet here we are setting up crafty next to a 1969 Cadillac. The Film Industry, JOIN TODAY!

Water. I will honestly say that I have not worked in or around the water as much as I’d like. It really is a bummer because I love the water..and the snow but more on that next. As far as filming in or around any type of water so far I have filmed at the beach a lot , at several pools, on a boat and a very small water park. All of them were awesome experiences for me. Water makes me happy. It has since I’ve been a kid. I remember getting to hotels as a child and instantly throwing on my swimming trunks to go jump in the hotel pool. Now unfortunately rarely am I in the water but it still makes me happy. I do always manage to get my shoes off and walk on the beach when I’m there but that has been the extent of submerging I’ve done while getting paid for it. Since we’re talking about water I might as well throw rain in here because well…I’m not going to explain that. Now my love for water does extend to rain as well. I like to sleep while it rains, I like the smell it leaves behind after it has stopped, I like the sound of it against ground, the splashing of cars as they drive through puddles. Hell I would even enjoy a nice walk in the rain if I knew I could throw out my shoes afterward. However, working in the rain SUCKS. It may be the worst conditions I’ve had to work in. I’ve even been on a show where we had to cancel the entire day because of a heavy downpour. If you don’t work in the business they call those “Insurance Days” because legally they still have to pay us. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s awesome (Insurance days). Nothing is better than getting paid a full day rate for 2-3 hours of work.

While I may have not worked in snow yet I can only imagine that I would be in heaven for me. If there is anything I love more than water it’s snow. I’m a snowboarder and will honestly say that as of the last 7 years being in the snow is my happiest of places. I have worked in really cold conditions but never the snow. It’s definitely on my conditions I want to film/work in bucket list. Although I feel that it may not be as fun as I imagine because walking in snow all day will probably be hell but I think I would still have that silly smile on my face that I have every time I’m in the snow.

In general I like filming with cold weather. One will never hear me complain I’m freezing. I say, make it colder I can always put on another jacket to warm up. I think to date I’m the only person I know that enjoys the cold like I do. WHY WORLD WHY?? ┬áMost people are not fans and hate being the frigid conditions that I consider normal. I’ve entertained the idea of moving to Alaska on multiple occasions..I still might.

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