Yo Ho, Yo Ho A Day Players Life For Me…

Happy Thursday!??? I know you must be wondering what the hell is going on? First the Podcast is late and now the blog post. Well everyone since Sunday night around 9-930 I’ve had a very interesting couple of hours. Interesting may not be the only or best word to explain it but it’s all I got at the moment. I won’t get into too much detail here because I will be writing about it this Friday or at least I plan to. Besides that though, how is everyone doing? How was your weekend and the first 3 days of the week? I had a great weekend with the exception of Sunday night. I went to a friend’s birthday, the Green Bay Packers won and I had some good food, Which is always key to a good weekend I feel. Food! Alright enough about me and food let’s let into this shall we?

I’ve been Day Playing the last couple of weeks…since August to be exact. It wasn’t my plan, it’s just the way life happens at times. It’s a crazy unpredictable business and sometimes you just need to ride the roller coaster. I’ve always had or heard some funny explanations about “Day Playing” and thought I’d write about them. There’s 2 types of Day Playing jobs. You’re either there as an additional hand which I will write about in a minute or you’re there to take someones place for a short time because they may be ill or some other reason that they can’t be at work. First let’s talk about taking someones spot for a few days. If you don’t work in the business this type of Day Playing is the equivalent of a substitute Teacher. You don’t work there Full Time, you’re just there for a day, maybe a few days until the regular Teacher returns. I compare it to that of a substitute Teacher because I feel the experience is quite similar. For example there’s only 2 types of Subs, those that are cool and the class welcomes and those that are stuck up snobby know it alls that the class dislikes. The crew treats Day Players exactly like this. If they are cool they will respect them and welcome them to the team. If they come in there trying to change shit up and make noise the crew will make it known that they are not happy with this person and they will most likely not be back. I’ve seen many people in both of these positions. Some other similarities are that while the teacher may know the subject that they are teaching much like a Day Player knows the job they are to be doing on a film set there is already a system in play. There is already a routine, a flow in that classroom/set and one feels like a bit of an x factor when you’re not part of that. A person that is Day Playing can’t just come in an seamlessly fall into the routine and mistakenly some chose to do their own thing. Which rarely works out. People for the most part are creatures of habit and when you get a bunch together in a department they form certain habits and ways to do things. When those habits are met with change from an outside party that is not an immediate member of the group it’s usually met with some defiance. I find the best thing to do is acknowledge that routine and asks everyone that you are working with how the person that you’re there for does things instead of just taking charge no questions asked. That way a person can show that they are trying to just assist as oppose to leading or changing anything. I find this is usually the more welcoming procedure.

Alright then there’s the Day Playing aspect where you may just be an extra person to help for the day. I worked with a good friend a while back that gave me the perfect name and description for this type of Day Playing. He called the position “The Just In Case Guy/Gal”. Till this day I still use this term because it is fucking DEAD. ON. That’s exactly what this person is there for. Additional Day Players are usually brought on because they may have a bigger than average day of filming. This usually happens a lot when a film crew goes on location because we find ourselves more spread out as well. The reason he called it “The Just In Case Guy/Gal” was because as I mentioned earlier if a crew has been together for a while they have a routine down already. The best thing a Day Playing person could do is try to assist that routine and continue its pattern not disrupt it. If someone in your department is in charge of a particular task everyday as a Day Player one should let them continue to do that task before taking it upon themselves. A Day Player should act like they’re there, just in case they need an extra hand. That makes sense right? Maybe it’s just me, I’ve always loved that explanation.

Personally I’m a fan of both types of employment that our business offers. I like working Full Time for a few months, save money and then take off large stretches of time. I also like Day Playing and having random days off. Day Playing does allow one more freedom overall but Full Time does mean a consistent income over time. There’s good and bad to both types but the really nice part that I feel most don’t take advantage of is that one may choose to bounce back and forth in between both. I know most people feel this may be a mistake as it requires a person to say no to some work but I’ve never found a problem with it. As long as a person is good at their job they will always work in this business. At least that’s how I’ve always seen it and it’s worked for me till now.

Thanks for stopping by We’re Not Rolling for another post. I apologize for the extreme lateness of the usual Tuesday post but as I said, it was a really bizarre days. I will be writing a post for tomorrow as usual so stay tuned for that. Have an excellent rest of your day.



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